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  1. No it has like half meter of air its not attached to the wall but its surrounded by the wood of my desk , thats why i was asking if the water cooling is better in my situation
  2. Ow okay another question is the water cooling betternthan the fans? Also is it more quiet?
  3. I mostly have in heavy load games of 69C on Gpu and 65 om CPU
  4. Just curious what is the best position to place fans? I have sharkoon case 1 fan in the font of the case 1 in the back and i habe cpu cooler for 4790k (Hyper evo 212) 2 fans one its receiving air to the cooler and the other send it to the back fan to put the heat out of the case. Is this the best solution?
  5. so basically its my cpu thats has that split second freeze? i just hear my gpu stop doing that sound in that moment
  6. btw it doenst recognise my gpu right its asus not gigabyte
  7. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/43229461? thats my results
  8. Let me try it my power just went out i m waiting it to come back
  9. Cpu its on 4.6ghz right now 1.3volts , cooler is hyper evo with dual fans temperature usually goes up to 65 or something like that
  10. Is it my ram the problem? I dont undestand hah i basically overclock now my cpu to 4.7ghz , and little to my gpu but still nothing
  11. Could you test it if theres something wrong with my system?
  12. But can i overclock memory? My cpu only supports to 1600mhz? I guess prerendering set to ultra 1440p