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  1. is the overlocking headroom higher on the 3600 vs the 2700x?
  2. So my current issue witth my memory is when i use asus aura software the rgb works fine in the 1st and 3 sticks but the rgb in slot 2 and 4 is mistimed compared to the rest but color accuracy on each stick is fine when i do a solid color they all light up the same color but when i use rainbow mode or color changing the sticks will not sync together
  3. Which cpu do you think is a better deal right now yes the 2700x comes with 2 more cores and 4 more threads but is it worth giving that up to something liek the ryzen 3600 which supports better memory on a smaller die and a lower tdp but you lose 2 cores and 4 threads is that a worth trade budget allows me to pick either or and i cant decide
  4. I actually used to live in calgary but usd
  5. Is 200$ a good deal for a brand new Gtx 1070ti asus strix card and if so what are some caviats to going a 1070 ti vs the rtx 2060 or benefits of the 1070ti i currently have a rx 570 powered by a ryzen 3600x