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  1. I won't be able to get a new fan for atleast 2 days, so should I use it in the mean time, or use 1 rad fan, or maybe just not use my comp?
  2. Hey So I have a Antec K240 RGB as a CPU cooler and one of the fans went bad and kind of trying to get out of it's spot while working. I have a spare case fan Bionix f120 by Arctic and I was wondering if i could replace it with the fan of the rad. Antec fan: Speed: 900-2000 rpm Airflow: 77 CFM Arctic fan: Speed: 200-1800 rpm Airflow: 69 CFM
  3. Oh thanks, weirdly I don't see any leaking though but better safe than sorry I guess..
  4. Thanks for the fast replay Pretty sure there is non, PC is running for a while now and I don't see anything leaking, i would expect a leak to cause high temps in the CPU, unless I'm wrong.
  5. Hi, I'm using water cooling by Antec K240 RGB, I tried to change the radiator fans with Bionix F12, when I connected everything together and pushed the start button the radiator kind of poped and something like steam sprayed out of the radiator where the pipes are. I immediately turned it off and changed back to the stock fans and it works fine. I've checked the temps on idle its around 37-41 Celsius. I launched Call Of Duty and the temperature is suspiciously low around 58-62 Celsius, when its usually around the 77. I don't know if i should worry? but I'm not gonna do this sort of thing again.
  6. No nothing comes up, it kinda tries to start then stops and only the ram lights up and some of the lights on the motherboard
  7. They both been sitting correctly for a while no reason for them to move, I checked it anyway it's fine
  8. The other day my PC was working fine, then I left it for some time and when I came back it was on sleep mode.I tried pressing a random button on keyboard to wake it, but no response.Pressed reset and no response, I repluged it to the outlet and when I pressed the power button I could hear the fans wiggle and turn off again, the RAM rgb turns on and it stays like that.The PC is pretty new I had for about 2 months now. That means it is all connected as should be.I checked that everything is on place, tried different outlet, and a different cable. Restarted the CMOS.Any ideas?Specs:Motherboard: z390 aorus eliteCPU: i7 9700kGPU: nvidia gtx 1080tiPSU: Antec hcg 850mRAM: corsair vengeance pro 2×16 gbEdit:I left it off for the night, in the morning I tried to turn it on again, it was making noises as if it tries to start for couple times, then it was finally working normaly, after couple minutes went back to the state I mentioned above.