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  1. reaally want that upgrade to RX 580 or above, can skip onto 8 gb of ram to upgrade later on
  2. i would like a more beefy gpu i that works
  3. one stick of ram because of the upgrade path to 16 on a 3 slot board
  4. i am think the Radeon RX 5500XT, also it has the budget freesync
  5. i am looking for a around 1000$ AUD build for my friend ( has to also include monitor but not keyboard and mouse) so far i have picked out: ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte A320M-H mATX mobo GeIL 8 GB Single stick ddr4 pristine C19 2666MHz WD blue WD10EZEX 1 TB hhd 7200 rpm ( has to have at least 1 tb of storage to store all of his games since he has alot, so no ssd:() Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 3.1TG mATX case cooler master MWE 650W 80PLUS PSU Acer K242HYLB 24" 1080p 4 ms monitor at the shop i would buy this from, this all equals to 688$ AUD, but i still need a gpu for games if i have around 312$ AUD left, what gpu should i buy?? thanks
  6. hni_7


    get the corsair h115i platnium rgb aio or the 240 mm version it is the best
  7. the problem is that you are running ram in single channel mode since you have one stick and that cont be good for ryzen plus upgrade your cpu cooler
  8. same problem but with a 6 core 4.7 ghz oc i guess it just runs that way remounted aio like 10 times
  9. used 970 all the way
  10. has same problem with newly build pc about not enought 12v power pins get a eva g+ 750 watta modular they are cheap and good works for me
  11. i am thinking of getting a surface laptop 3 and world rather the smaller version of it, but i really want the best graphics i can get question is : how worse is the iris plus graphics compared to the vega 9 (cant afford 11) Graphics thanks
  12. light but not overly max a 14" possible touch screen