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  1. I reinstalled windows on my pc. Initially the headphones worked, now the mic works and headphone doesn't work. All the apps are allowed to use the mic. Specs are windows 10 Enterprise, sound blaster ae5, and hyper x cloud 2. The HD audio front jack is plugged directly into the sound card. Front panel jack headphone works, mic does not. Sound card at rear headphone/mic jack doesn't work at all. Says device is not detected?
  2. Hello. I have a Hyper X Cloud 2. Its a headset and mic with a 3.5mm connected to what it looks like to be a usb sound card. I'm trying to use the headset with a y splitter cable, and plug it in a separate mic, and headphone jack in my pc Sound seems good, mic seems to be working on recording the sounds I hear. But mic does not work in game/discord, etc. I've played with the settings a little, no luck. Am I missing something? I cannot find a solution, anyone know?
  3. I just replugged everything in, and change xmp settings... Looks like it's all good to go. Could it have been the ram?? I installed Malwarebytes and Avast. No threats detected. When formatting ssd there was a partition 0 and 1. I could not delete 'unallocated space'; 0, it had almost 1gb. Partition 1 had465ish gb on my 500gb ssd. Is that suppose to be right? What precautions can I take in case it's a virus?
  4. Hello. Just built my new PC for a few days. Seems to have a virus now? I only installed drivers for all my hardware plus steam, chrome, and WinZip. Details: Started up the PC after 2 days of playing games, no problems. Although did realize the comp sometimes while basic navigating and opening programs, it wasn't snappy as I thought it'd be. Opened up Google chrome, watch YouTube. And had pubg on. Noticed that Google chrome consistently crashed every few minutes or so. Closed the webpage which led to a strange ghosting effect that quickly went away. Like there were two webpages open. This happened a few times.... After a few times, which I can't remember if I got a bsod before or after installing antivirus software. I was still able to restart the PC normally after 3-5 times. EDIT: the installation of antivirus was never completed all the times I tried. Just said installation didn't work because it was missing a file. Something like that. I ended up changing the boot to flash drive and tried reinstalling windows. Deleted all partitions, started install, and got another bsod. I'll list codes after. Now the PC starts and is stuck in windows loading. First bsod code I got was: Driver irwl not less or equal Second code during reinstallation of windows: Kernal security check failure Not sure where to start. I dont want to damage anything. Please help Here are the specs: OS windows 10 downloaded from windows site. Cd key is purchased from an eBay seller, it was windows 10 Enterprise edition ?? Not sure if that could be an issue. Ryzen 3900x w/stock cooler EVGA 2070 super xc ultra Msi X570 gaming plus Samsung Evo 970 plus nvme m2 Corsair vengeance 4x 8 gb ddr4 3600 Sound blaster z ae5 800w Corsair PSU