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  1. I swapped the two fans and the rgb on them changed so I'm assuming its the fan hub that is having an issue.
  2. Just kidding I got one to work and the one flashed on for a second. I checked the connections, I will dig deeper on that soon.
  3. Hello All, I recently built in the case above and as of turning it on, the fans ran however, the rgb did not light up. Installed corsair iCUE software and still nothing. I checked my wiring and have the one USB connection in place on my mobo then two fans in the little controller. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what can be wrong that has used the corsair rgb controller before. Everything else in my build has great rgb and also my ram shows up on iCUE and works fine. The controller also shows up on iCUE and I can set it to the fans being in the ports however, nothing changes. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks! I already bought the PSU so lets hope its all good haha
  5. @VEXICUS@trevb0t So far I have decided to go with the mortar max board, the Corsair 280x case and just purchased the 550W TX550M power supply made by corsair. Is this forsure enough power for the 3700x and 5700 xt Sapphire Nitro+? I have checked other places and seems to be okay but then I read the Nitro+ recommends 600W plus of power?
  6. I decided to order a msi b450m mortar max from the UK... I am in the US so it is not ideal I just rather buy a good board and not go x570 yet
  7. What about using the 3700x with the msi b450m pro vdh Max? I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine. I want the b450m mortar max but it’s just not available in the US
  8. Based on what I’ve been seeing I’m thinking the MSI b450m pro vdh max is a little better board based on reviews
  9. That is the board I have in the build pics above! I think that is the way to go for me at the moment. Thanks for the input!
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me all this advice! I forgot to mention above that I already have the case so I need a matx board. I am also based in the US so getting a mortar max is a pin unless I spend $150 on eBay. Which it should be $80-$90. Let me know if you have any other suggestions! Thanks again!
  11. Thank you for your reply and I’ve been thinking that same exact things about the cooler so that confirms that! I forgot to mention that I already have the 280x case, so I need a matt form factor board and mortar Max’s aren’t very available in the US :/ as well as other MSI arsenal series matx max boards. So that is why I was looking at a pro vdh max board. Let me know what you think about the board situation. And thanks for all the advice!
  12. So I’m building a new pc and PCPartPicker is saying I might have an error. I’m not concerned about the Mobo error since this is a max board. Mainly fitment issues and was wondering if anyone could let me know If I’m good to go! I’m thinking that a part just doesn’t have its dimensions in the system so I should be fine. I have attached pics of everything and the warning. Thanks in advance! edit: I am also interested in any suggestions