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  1. i only changed my ram from 8 to 16 becouse i had a little bit bottleneck i needed atleast 16gb so i updgraded and now i have less fps
  2. its running at 2400 my motherbord can only handle 2400... and have 3200 ram
  3. i play rainbow on high/ medium and ultra settings around the 100 fps and with my old 8gb ram i had more fps
  4. i upgraded my ram yesterday 8gb to 16gb and its running on 2400 but i have less fps with my new 16gb than with my old 8gb ram, i have on rainbow 110 fps on medium and other pc's with the same specs have dubble fps and battlefield runs like garbage aswell FPS drops. id didn't change anything Thanks for the reactions
  5. I have a rtx 2070 and i7 7700K and 16 gb ram and i still have low fps in every game how? is it a bottleneck? prob not right can someone explain pleas? or maybe the problem