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  1. Thanks a lot this worked perfectly and now my sound is back!
  2. Hey thanks for your suggestion however it didn't work
  3. Hey, just did the game verification and tried all the modes again and it only seems to work with 32bit OpenGL still
  4. Nope, never had any mods unless the TruckersMP counts? and I'll do the verification of game files right now and hopefully that fixes it. Thanks for your reply!
  5. Hey, so for quite a while now, whenever I open Euro Truck Simulator 2 on my PC, the game doesn't have any sound what so ever but everything else such as Youtube and Spotify do have audio. If I launch the same game in 32 bit version the sound comes back but only in OpenGL not DiretX11. I have already tried the 64 bit version of Safe Mode, DirectX11 and OpenGl and still no sound; can anyone help with this issue? Thanks!