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    Games, Movies, Music
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    Lead 3D Graphic artist


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    Intel Core i9-9900K OC 4GHz
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x16GB)
    HyperX Predator RGB 16GB (2x8GB)
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    Be quiet! Pure Base 600
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    Be quiet! System Power 9
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    Be quiet! System Power 9 700W
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    Asus VE248H
    Asus VP247H
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    Be quiet! Dark Rock 4
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    Asus Cerberus MK2
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    Logitech G502
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    Monitors: 2x M-Audio BX5-D3
    Interface: M-Audio M-Track 2X2M
    Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M40x
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    Win 10 Pro
  1. Ok, so I've got mine today, after prolly 5 minutes of calibration i'm happy... no dead pixels, just a little bit of IPS glow, and text fixed by vivid pixel (i've don some reading, and VP is actually made for that - using lower ppi on larger display)... I played a bit of doom, pubg, csgo, everything is great... gamma is bit lower but can be adjusted elsewhere... and i have to say i love those colours... I'm more than happy with it so far
  2. Yup, thats almost exactly what i came to I think this still apply I did actually peak in AOC "booth" at Gamescom, where there was couple of units, and not a single panel looked the same, unfortunately... Flaws were visible even over the lighting... Problem is that if they actually made another "better" batch, and you would add up all the waiting for getting them in stock here (some people are still waiting for their current batch over a month now), i would say, it could take a while until i see it... And for Asus, i just cant believe that i bought TN panel more than 5 years ago, for around $150, with more readable text than IPS for double the price now? Im quite prepared to buy one just for the looks, i also made the biggest shop in our country stock two of those, without product informations, so i might try a double return just to be sure.... Few more options only now but most of them have just deal breaking flaws in design or colour. There are of course upcoming Acer Nitro XV253Q X (240 Hz 24,5") Acer Nitro XV253Q P (144 Hz 24,5") and Asus VG259QM - 240Hz DisplayHDR™ 400 alternative to current one but i cant see them arriving any time soon to be able to review them... and i am already afraid that they will share their flaws with their older brothers However, its still a very sad period of time for 1080p 24" ips high refresh rate, and i am already afraid that i will have to jump 3 inches higher to get what want and need
  3. Hello, I am a fan of the channel and casual reader of this forum. I recently came to conclusion that i want to upgrade my current main monitor to better suit my needs. Little bit of background: I'm running 2x24" setup which is perfect for my desk and utilizing all my tasks. My main monitor is VE248H (Its 5 years old TN which actually never let me down). However, I decided to get something, that would perform better and fulfill my needs: It should be IPS, 144Hz, 24-25" with good color reproduction, relatively fast-ish response time, and not much of typical problems (BLB, IPS Bleed, fuzziness, Dead Pixel possibility etc..). Im planning to use this monitor for gaming and video footage editing (including moderate color grading). I came up with 3 monitors, that are available right now: AOC 24G2U Acer VG240Y Pbiip Asus VG259Q I discarded Acer right away: Too much negative reviews and my personal negative experience with this brand over last 15 years, AOC on the other hand caught my attention because its "The monitor everyone is talking about", there are bazillion reviews and comments all over the internet. All the problems raise from divergence of statements i found. On paper, it has the best color reproduction of all 3 (108% of ARGB?) and overall good contrast for its price range. However, i saw many reviews calling out the panel itself for its lack of uniformity, BLB and horrible IPS bleed, friend of mine returned it without testing because of couple of dead pixels... The second concern was with the brand and all that "budget and affordable" sayings. Budget is good, but I'm not looking for budget option, there is just nothing to choose from. Asus VG259Q is relatively new (just now getting into stores in my country, just a few pieces), not many videos, reviews, comments on the internet and if so, only conflicting ones. Color is given, around 99% of sRGB (Which is fine, its till around 10% more than i have right now, but could be a bit more). Response time is better, no reports of bad BLB or horrible IPS. However I'm kinda worried about that onscreen filter. I read few comments about fuzziness that makes text "unreadable", the lack of custom profiles, the sRGB profile "can't be adjusted" etc..., Yet all of these comments cannot be confirmed, partially, because kinda few of them are coming from really unreliable sources ("friend told me", "i had to return it back 30 seconds after i received it") i didn't see any deep reviews on this monitor, except for "display ninja" which i don't know anymore if i can use as reliable source, number of video reviews is shockingly low even today and people, which aresaying "i received one today", went all silent on other forums without single "Yup that's true / that's bs". I'm not even mad about the price, the Asus tax is just how it is and i hope its partially because of Quality Control Now to put it into some perspective: My current monitor is 60Hz, TN, 88% sRGB, 1080p, without horrible display flaws,and readable clear text. I don't wanna step down even a bit from anything (except the response time which is 2ms to 3.7 ms is something i can really live with), i just want the same OR better results from every aspect of my monitor, if it can be adjusted, its fine, if it is fixed flaw, than its really no-go for me. As i said before, I'm not really on a budget here (doesn't mean i want to spent 3k on 24' monitor tho) but i really don't have much more options. And of course TLDR version: Why on earth no one deeply reviewed Asus VG259Q yet? Is it that Bad/Good as only few sources suggest?