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  1. Call of Duty : Warzone! Still crashing or is it only me?? any fix ?! I updated my gpu drivers, windows updates everything and the game is still crashing :( is it only me and is there any fix ? already trieda all the settings in game and resolutions.. one thing i noticed it my cpu temperatures are really high ( only in this game ) its around 65 degrees... which in other games like the witcher 3 its only 60 degrees... also cpu usage is 100% also only in this game...my specs: gtx 1050 ti, i5 2400, 16gb ram, 450w cooler master masterwatt psu... i always get 60+ fps on 900p..
  2. But what worries me is that i will have to sell my 1050ti before buying the 470
  3. Didnt ask yet.. he lives far away. Also 1060 6gb worked for the buyer gladly
  4. Do you think a rx 470 would work on my pc ? I can get it cheap... bit cant try it before buy it requieres only 400w psu... could get it for 65€
  5. After todays update for nvidia 1050 ti my screen is darker now what does that mean ? Like the update changed my gamma
  6. Is the game playable on this specs 1050ti i5 2400 16gb ram on 1080p ? Is it possible to get 60fps or do i need to lower the resolution ? Also will the game look still good on lower res? Idk if i should buy it or not ..
  7. Thank you for everything man really helped me alot will all your help:)
  8. Dual rx 570 was not faulty .. it was my pc but why... not sure about 1060 :s
  9. Thats true and i can confirm that the 1050ti works perfectly... still dont know what was the cause for the rx 570 dual fan to not even boot my pc.. had a black screen and in the lower right corner there was number 0.... and the 1060 booted my pc normally and when i started to play games the monitor tuned of and the fans went to 100% thats so wierd... idk if its my mobo or psu... or even the psu power cable ..:/
  10. Could be.. my gf has a mini itx rx 570 but i dont wanna kill her card lol
  11. Ok will do that and leave this old pc as it is ^^for now the games that im playing are doing good with some cutom settings but still something keeps me wanna upgrade lol... i wonder if a mini itx rx 570 would work if the double fan rx 570 didnt work
  12. I rlly want a bit more performance for 1080p but idk how if nothing works.. maybe i should stick to this pc for like 1 more year and then buy a totallydifferent pc with. Ewer conponents
  13. Do you think i should even get s better gpu ? I am afraid if it wont work, for the third time -.- are there any better gpus than 1050ti for old motherboards and 450w psus..?