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  1. Does anyone know if there are ram OC issues with these boards? I've been having some issues with my 4 month old self-built computer and with some help from reading these forums, I think I have diagnosed my issue. My ballistix ram that is rated for 3200Mhz is not listed on the QVL for my Asus Prime X370 motherboard, but the mobo is listed on the crucial website. It seemed to work fine at first with the XMP set for 3200 but then I started getting random game crashes about a month ago with it eventually just shutting down the whole system after a while. the computer would boot up fine but after running for about 20 seconds the screen would go blank and stop responding. best I could tell anyway because the fans and LEDs in the case would still be lit but no picture or sound. I tried moving my hdmi cable from the graphics card to the motherboard too see if that made a difference and still nothing. it wont do it every time but in the last week it has done it about 5 times. I updated all my chipset drivers and have the latest BIOS for my board but the only way it seems to have stopped is by turning the RAM speed down to 2666Mhz, which is what the manufacturer has as the highest native speed. BIOS had identified my ram as 2400Mhz by default. could it be from me cheaping out on the ram? or does this sound like I need to upgrade my mobo to something that can handle the higher speeds? My setup is: Ryzen 5 2600 Crucial Ballistix LT BLS8G4D32AESBK x2 =16GB Asus Prime X370 PRO Mobo PowerColor Rx570 Red Dragon 4GB Inland Premium 256GB Nvme SSD Boot Toshiba 7200 rpm 2TB mass storage Power Spec 550 watt 80 Plus Bronze PSU Corsair Carbide Spec02 redshift case
  2. I originally considered the 7700k but the price kinda excludes it for me. I just wasn’t sure if the 7600k would be enough of an improvement over the 7400 to get to at least 120 FPS in those games. I agree for the around $250- $300 eBay price range for a 7700k I might as well just wait and go Ryzen 2600X with a new board
  3. Sorry I meant playable at 144 FPS. I agree that it is enough but he saw how smooth mine is at 120 and the idea was getting him the better GPU would have accomplished that.
  4. I’m still relatively new to the PC building game but I have recently put together a few budget machines for the family so we can all play Fortnite together. My sons build is is the one in question since I started with a pre-built HP and stripped it down to try and save a few bucks. Aiming to get him at 144 FPS I thought the i5-7400 that was in that system would be enough, but we just got him a 1660ti for Christmas and the CPU usage is 100% and stuttering pretty bad unless I limit the frame rate to 60 FPS. Everything worked fine on the old setup but that was only a Radeon r7 card that barely got 60 even with medium settings. The on screen counter and MSI afterburner both show he’s getting about 90 FPS with everything set to epic but the cpu usage is pegged at 100% on all cores with anything but 60 locked. Long story short I have found an i5-7600K on a local marketplace for about $100 and I am wondering if that speed increase will make the game playable or would it need to be a jump into an i7 to get the extra threads? I don’t really have the money to upgrade it all now and since I just built 4 machines so even the $100 is pushing it but if the upgrade won’t make a difference I guess all we can do is leave it locked for now. The monitor is a dell bby-3cy31e 24” and this is the rest of the specs Intel core i5-7400 cpu Stock CPU cooler 2x8GB Samsung 2400mhz DDR4 ram Insignia 550 watt 80 plus Bronze power supply GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR6 GPU Inland pro 256GB M.2 boot drive Toshiba 1TB 7200 RPM HHD AS Rock Z270 Killer Mobo so far fortnite and roblox is all we play but I’d like to do some overwatch and apex in the future. Any help is appreciated. Thanks