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    Sacramento CA
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    Computer building and design
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    IT Admin Tier II


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    MSI MEG Z390 Godlike
  • RAM
    Corsair DDR4-4000 32 GB
  • GPU
    Asus Strix 1080Ti
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    Thermaltake W200
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    Samsung 970 Pro M.2 SSD 1 TB x3
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    Corsair Ax1600i
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    Asus PG348Q
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    Corsair Hydro H150i RGB
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    REDRAGON M711-FPS Cobra
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    SoundBlaster X Katana
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro x64
  1. Hello, I've been trying to figure this out for a bit because with my current build I can't progress until I solve this: I have a Thermaltake W200 computer case and a Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB 6-channel fan controller. Trouble is, the fan controller seems to in now way fit into the 5.25" drive bay for installation. It didn't come with any kind of mounting bracket, which, is that it seems like is needed for this. Do I just need to get a different fan controller or what? It seems strange if these parts were incompatible with each other as they are both Thermaltake products and the drive bays on a computer case are typically universal to what is intended to be installed in them. If anyone can shed any light on this I would sincerely appreciate it.Also before you ask I have already tried YouTube videos, Google searching, posting on the Thermaltake forums, trying to contact Thermaltake support, all with no success. I will try until I succeed though. Thanks!
  2. I cannot disagree with that in any way.
  3. Yeah that doesn't work in the slightest with Toms Hardware. First of all, TH mods will ban you for not agreeing with them, or for downvoting any of their stuff. Second, when you do get banned from TH, they issue an IP ban which makes appealing the ban or contacting them in ANY way entirely impossible. You can always use a VPN to subvert the ban, create a new account that way and then appeal the previous ban, but that will be responded to with TH mods banning that account. Becoming a Toms Hardware mod takes nothing. You ask, prove you're competent enough to read and write, and they allow you to be come a mod. More than that, mods themselves are getting kicked off TH constantly because 99% of them are in fact trolls who have no business being mods. As far as I'm concerned, Tom's Hardware is just a bunch different levels of stupidity all stacked on top of each other. There is no accountability there and absolutely no justice. You ask a question, a user craps on your post with unrelated nonsense, you call them out for it, a mod steps in and agrees with them, you call the mod out on it, he IP bans you. That is basically how TH really works. If you're the kind of person that actually refers to other people as noobs or s- like that you really have no business being on any forum let alone the internet. My only real regret concerning Toms Hardware is that there isn't any way to keep them in check or to report them as a website when s- just blows up in total chaos and complete injustice for the use of the website. I was a member there for 7+ years when some troll mod crapped on a posted question I asked. I requested that he remove his post because his comment was unrelated and unwarranted. He banned me for that. It is entirely unprofessional Tom's Hardware should be either taken down or completely re-managed.