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  1. @lee32uk yeah i could, but i prefer to go to higher model for the motherboard for the future... and for the gen 4 ssd @boggy77 thanks! i will check the PSU! why not the zotac one? they are at the same price at amazon ?
  2. Hi Again. i have some follow up questions 1.the graphic card that you recommend me have just 3 video output. and its not enough for me. i would like to have option to have little bit more outputs. what do you think about the: ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1660 Super amp 6GB? 2. the power supply of 650W, isn't it too much? from all the PSU calculator that i have checked, the max output will be 400W maybe i should go for 550W? even 500W? Thanks in advance
  3. Cool! Thanks for the clarification:)
  4. now i noticed its the 2TB! Cool! one more question, about the case. how about the case Phanteks Eclipse P600s ? is it worse the the fractel? or even the NZXT 710i?
  5. thanks @boggy77 wanted to ask, why to did you choose the HP EX950 NVME? Is it better then the Samsung evo 970?
  6. My country is Israel. but the most parts i will buy in the US
  7. First Of all thank you! second... the large HD its for my movie library, my current setup have 6TB (2 Diks) and... its getting full. the first NVME ssd is for the OS and programs. the second sata ssd will be for game installs
  8. Hi There I'm New here and hope I'm writing in the right place. i have build for myself PC. i would like to hear your input about it. the general use of the PC is. here and there some gaming,office stuff. light video editing and Photoshop. the PC will run 24/ 7 and i need that the case will be quiet. and the build should be for a long time (about 7 years) so i will need the option to upgrade in the future i don't care about RGB lights.. but i there will be , it doesn't matter for me here the pic of the build from amazon the case that i have choose is: Phanteks Eclipse P600s thanks in advance!