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  1. Nd is 80-85° normal for the R5 3600 while gaming for long hours???
  2. Well i stay in India nd the temps at present r around like 20-25 Yes I am using the stock cooler Gpu:Rtx 2060 I have 3 120mm fans in front that pulls the air in nd 3 on top which pulls the air out and one 120mm fan on the back which pulls the air out too I hope u get it
  3. Do I need an AIO for my R5 3600 which I use only for Gaming...... While gaming for like 4 hours I noticed my temps reaching 84° nd again coming down to the 70s Specs: Cpu:R5 3600 Mobo:b450 aorus elite Case:Antec DF500 I mentioned the case because I am planning to buy the Cooler master mL120L rgb to see if it is compatible....Nd also what are the chances of an AIO leaking. Thanks :-;
  4. Ok thanks nd enabling XMP/DOCP will not cause any problems ri8???
  5. i have updated the bios and am planning to get an m.2 next week where i'll install the windows
  6. I am using a 3000mhz corsair vengeance LPX ddr4 16gb(8x2)ram But it seems to be stuck at 2133mhz where Ryzen supports upto 3200mhz Specs: CPU: R5 3600 RAM: corsair vengeance 3000mhz LPX ddr4 16gb(8x2)ram GPU:RTX 2060 Note:I used intel before and shifted to amd recently without a windows re-installation
  7. Bro it solved the issue. Thanks Bro i almost had a heart attack if u had'nt pointed out i would have never noticed Just Installing the Ryzen Master software fixed the issue now i get 80 ups in valentine in rdr 2
  8. Found this??? will it work?? he had the same problem
  9. Before i do anything just check this once to be sure::
  10. yes it says 2 in Cores how do i fix this?????