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  1. Well what i meant is that it not showing signal. wifi driver is installed correctly. I even cant control the wifi on or off anymore. I ve enable/disable the network setting, still nothing changed.
  2. Its look like that, when i turn on or click it on the right bottom corner. My guess is the radio cable (black&white) is not working anymore. I ve reattached my old wifi card back, still doesn't work.
  3. Yo has any of you guys having the same problem as i do? I was having this idea of changing RAM on my notebook. But at the same time i thought 'hm i got this wifi card thats laying around, why not change it as well". After it is done, i tried to boot it up to no avail. Then later on, i redid all the work. I put the previous RAM & Wifi card back on. But still, my notebook was not booting up, Later on like a couple of hours of changing BIOS setting randomly without knowing what that does, - yea i know it's stupid - i reset the BIOS to default setting, then change it to Legacy mode. Somehow, it started booting operates as usual. But the main question is, why my wifi doesnt detect anything? When i tied personal hotspot using my phone connected via USB cable, the notebook detect the internet connection just fine. My question is, is this caused of my BIOS setting, legacy booting? or because of i detached my wifi card and reattached it again? because i miss something? like putting the wrong antenna cable on the wifi card, the black and white ones? but i read articles says that the cable doesnt really matter even if i put the wrong antennas cable on the card. Please help meh, is the unit - wificard - fixable? or should i buy new ones?