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    Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.95Ghz
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    RX590 @ 1720Mhz
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    Logitech G432
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  1. he is using dual gpus, so basically 2 gpus in one card, with one lane used.
  2. no, I understand, ur gonna have cpu, memory, cpu cooler, motherboard in the p3, then the gpus in a mining rack, with risers going into the motherboard.
  3. if u explained it, sorry, i had no sound.
  4. how are you going to fit 13 dual gpus in a 175r?
  5. this one ships to the UK https://www.ebay.com/itm/PNY-Nvidia-GeForce-GTX-690-4GB-GDDR5-PCIe-3-0-Dual-GPU-Graphics-Card-VDCRD/372765782967?hash=item56ca9273b7:m:mEFqvBt8gvwZGUbcIzLfKTg:sc:USPSPriority!22306!US!-1#shpCntId there is 10 of them available, lot of good reviews, 75$ it is also seller refurbished and with new fans and heatsink, and accepts returns.
  6. omg, these gtx 690s go dirt cheap on ebay Gtx 690 dual gpu on ebay #1 gtx 690 on ebay #2 #3 #4 #5 i believe #3 u can get in a bundle of 3 for less per card!
  7. has the package been opened yet? most pastes have a shelf life after opened. I used noctua thermal paste.
  8. wow, ok. what paste are you going to use?
  9. it looks kinda dirty, clean it off with 70%+ isopropyl alchohol.
  10. I give 7/10, good use of space, good use of money, u lose 3 points for the blower style low profile cpu cooler (how loud is that thing), the non ATX psu, and the fact that it is not visually appealing. i gotta say, overall, i actually dig it.
  11. wow, this is really coming together! I cant wait to see what comes of this. give us pictures of the final product
  12. but, they are all big brands known to USUALLY make a solid PSU
  13. I would go with corsair, cooler master, EVGA, thermaltake, or bequiet.
  14. I wouldn't put that PSU in my dads i3 inspiron.