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  1. Hello! I bought a new internal HDD for my PC config, but my H17 Thermaltake Versa (mATX) case support only one slot for HDDs, which is already have one. 1) There is plenty of space under my GPU for the new one, is it good enough to leave it there without proper fixation to the case? I do not know how well it would behave under a GPU running on load 60-70 degrees. 2) Would it be wise to put it over my old HDD (fixed to case) without fixation? Thank you for your help.
  2. Yeah, I heard those ones too, but only about Molex to SATA, which have different maximum Watt usage. Luckily, I do not use any Molex cable in my PC.
  3. Hello! My PSU has only 3 SATA connectors, but I would like to use another HDD I plan to buy. I ordered the Y-splitter you can see on the picture under. Is it safe to split one port into two and connect into two different HDD?ű Thanks for the help.