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  1. I've been interested in tech, especially components in gaming PCs and consoles, however I instantly get lost when people start discussing anything in-depth. The most I know are the big players in the CPU and GPU market, and even then I just know the names, not really anything about their actual purpose as part of a PC. I want to become more familiar with how these parts actually work on a deeper level. How does a computer function from the smallest piece all the way to what you see on your screen?
  2. Similar to how this is a setting you can turn on in reddit, could we have an option to automatically open links in a new tab? So used to it. I know I can just cmd+click but I'm not used to it, and it would still be a nice feature to have due to muscle memory from other forums. I'm constantly cmd+W-ing my tabs lmao.
  3. Things such as good zombie movies, good nuclear fallout ones, alien invasions, post-war, etc. Some of my favorites are: Children of Men World War Z Train to Busan 28 days later 28 weeks later The Road 10 Cloverfield lane Super 8 Any suggestions similar to these? The title is kind of constricting, doesn't have to be POST apocalypse, could also be, uh, during apocalypse? Idk.
  4. I get where you're coming from, but it still doesn't feel right to lock down games to a certain ecosystem and make people feel bad about choosing a particular console. For instance, I would love to play Halo one day, but as someone not too big on PC FPS gaming and certainly not too big on Xbox, it seems like I never really will. I understand that from an economic/sales point of view it makes sense, but there has to be some other way to go about it. In the end it doesn't affect me much. Even though Halo is cool, I'm not dying to play it. All the exclusives I would actually want to play are on the PS ecosystem, and that's what I will get. Still, it sucks that my Xbox homies will never get to experience Uncharted or Bloodborne.
  5. That's true, but everyone seems to find a better priced alternative to apple pretty much everywhere lol.
  6. Yea MS are really shooting themselves in the foot, but like, it's better for consumers but bad for sales. Kind of a shitty situation for MS ngl.
  7. Basic question, are there better offerings for the same price? The things I value are portability, battery life, and sound quality. Noise cancelling is nice but not a huge factor. I want something that sounds better than the regular airpods for reference.
  8. The main drawing factor for me, lies above the specs, the design, the marketing, or the fanbase. It is all about games, and which games are exclusive to the console. I just want to preface this discussion by saying: EXCLUSIVES ARE NOT A GOOD THING. They are ridiculously anti-consumer, and aren't really good for anything other than creating divisive fan-bases. Nevertheless, it's reality and there's no point in NOT discussing the offerings, which is what I want to do today. The following are both games that are confirmed and games that we all expect to be exclusive to a system despite them not being officially announced. PS5: Godfall: Gearbox, borderlands style loot-n-shoot Killzone (Rumoured): Futuristic FPS, competitor to HALO Last of us 2 remastered: Self explanatory Uncharted 5: Adventure game Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Action-rpg God of War 2 Little Big Planet 4: Game Sandbox Spiderman 2 Game XB SX: The new xbox doesn't have many new exclusives, but a big part of their pitch is that old exclusives can be played at a higher detail, so some of the games are from the xbox one that will be a big selling point for the series x. Halo Infinite Hellblade 2 Forza 5 Gears 5 Sea of thieves Ashen Edit: Fable Possible? Bloodborne 2 - PS5 Xbox peeps, please let me know any other names I can add to the xbox list. I did some searching and couldn't find much geared specifically towards the new xbox. So, what do you guys think? I'm still in love with the PS5 roster tbh.
  9. Jungle - A boogie wit da hoodie One of his best songs, and something most people don't know since it's from his first album. Song
  10. yo me acuesto con tu madre sin ropa