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  1. It's the rosewell tyrfing atx case from amazon. It was the cheapest at the time.
  2. the cpu cooler is moving air to the right, towards the exhaust up top. And i'll probably just keep it as is.
  3. My PC is using 2 fans, one for intake and one exhaust. I really wanted to add another but I don't want to buy another cable for that. Would it be better to just leave it as one exhaust and one intake, or two intakes for positive air pressure? P.S. the front panel, on the right side, intakes air from the sides of the panel, not the front so it's fine for it to be facing the wall.
  4. I've confirmed that I am indeed using the SLJ4B board, the board's chipset didn't come with a heat sink, and it's just barely visible under my gpu.
  5. Even if those were only for optical drives, shouldn't SATA-2 and 3 still show up in the BIOS listed with nothing connected?
  6. So the problem is that there are 4 SATA ports on my mobo but when I check the BIOS only 0 and 1 show up. I know the third (orange cable, SATA-2) drive works because when I switched it with SATA-1 (bottom right) it showed up in file explorer/disk management. So a bad cable/power/faulty drive isn't the problem. A little background info, this PC was built from parts bought off craigslist. I've had no problems whatsoever, except for storage. I've filled my second hdd and planned on adding a second one and, well, it didn't work out. I'm using the Dell optiplex 3010 MT motherboard, and I'm not sure if telling you the other specs would help in fixing this problem, but I'd be happy to provide it if need be. I've searched the web but all they say is to either check the cables, check disk management, or enable the drives in the bios, but as you can see, I can not.
  7. So I had a computer with a hard drive with windows 10 installed and I want to move some files from that to my new computer. The SSD on the new computer already has windows installed and I'm wondering if adding another drive with windows will have any consequences. How would I go about doing this transfer?