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  1. I tried reviving my BIOS using a programmer. My mobo is ASUS HERO XI (Wi-Fi). It failed to boot after one of the updates, and now I can't get anywhere in my PC, it just won't output anything. I have a very weird BIOS chip. (I attached a photo), and it can't be recognized by any of BIOS programming programs. I use a clip to connect to the chip itself, but I still can't program anything on it. My Q-code panel says "0F" (Microcode not loaded) if that'll help. Also, asus flashback doesnt work too.
  2. Does anyone know what would be the best BIOS version for ASUS HERO XI for overclocking 9900K? The support for 9900K came with the 1005 update, but I'm not sure whether I should run such an old BIOS.
  3. Hi! I have NZXT's Keaken X72 AIO, and I hate the fact that I have to use a ram-eating bloatware to change my fans speed. Which set of coolers should I buy to have the same/better performance on my X72?
  4. Has anyone ever encountered that error? It prevents my PC from booting, it works, but there is nothing going on besides components visually doing their thing inside the PC case.
  5. What is the best thermal paste for 9900K with Kraken X72 on top of it? (The original paste has been in use for over a year now)
  6. Here is a link to my motherboards cpu list: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-MAXIMUS-XI-HERO/HelpDesk_CPU/ Right now my motherboard's BIOS version is 602, and 9900k started working on it only since the 1005 came out lol
  7. Yeah, i have a mobo that has an outdated bios, (dont ask me how it got outdated) therefore it doesnt have microcode for my 9900K. I have Celeron G4900 which my motherboard supports, and im gonna swap my 9900k to boot into my pc and then update my bios so i can run my 9900k again.
  8. My problem is simple: I need to temporary swap a CPU, and then put it back after I finish doing what I wanted to do. Can anyone provide steps for swapping CPUs, like: clearing CMOS, cleaning thermal paste and etc.?
  9. I have a very stupid idea: i want to buy a cpu that's supported by the bios that i installed (example: Celeron G4900), replace my 9900k, and then upgrade my bios back to it's newer version. Will this work?
  10. I know, I formated a 4Gb USB to FAT32, put a cap file on it, used a renamer, and it still doesn't work...
  11. Whenever I try to fix my bricked BIOS, the "BIOS" button that's supposed to flash for like 3 mins, goes solid in 5 seconds... I'm 99% sure that I'm doing everything right, what could be the reason for It not to work? (MB: ASUS HERO XI)
  12. Yeah, the problem is, the button that I'm supposed to hold for 3 secs and then wait for it to finish updating, goes solid after 5 seconds... Any solution to that? I tried 4 different USBs, non of them worked.