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  1. Hey, so I was running into some issues with my system crashing and someone suggested that my gpu's bios may be modded. I bought my Aorus Rx570v 4gb off of someone I knew, and the issue with the card is that you have to run ATIKDMAG.patcher after everytime you update/install gpu drivers, or else it wont work. When i run GPU-Z and identify the bios, it reads "Multiple Graphics Devices Found" and points towards a base AMD Radeon Rx570, and AMD Radeon Rx570g bios, not an Aorus/ Gigabyte bios. The subvender does say Gigabyte. My base clock is 1150 core and 2000 memory, which seems low but idk... Could my gpu's bios be modded, or is it just a case of manufacturing? Thanks, and any help would be appreciated! System: Win 10 64bit Ryzen 7 2700 Asrock B450M Pro4 16gb Corsair Vengeance LPX CL16 Aorus Rx570 4gb Riotoro Enigma G2 650w
  2. I'm running fullscreen on all these games, and when i go into borderless it shows the same thing, Its more of an appearance issue and i cant handle looking at the icons when i have to change music mid-game
  3. Why do some apps alt-tab differently than others? For example when I alt-tab in Fortnite it brings up the preview windows/thumbnails, Whereas when I alt-tab in Apex Legends it takes me straight out of the game Along with that, when I alt-tab in League of Legends it brings up the old ui with the icons. Is there a way to make all apps alt-tab like the way it does in Fortnite? Thanks
  4. Hey, i'm experiencing the exact same crash on my aorus rx570 4gb, did you find a fix? Radeon is coming up iin my vevent viewer aswell
  5. Hey! I'm having this issue with Windows 10 Minecraft not having any audio. Every other game,app and even other windows store apps have audio. I've reset my audio drivers, ran chkdsk, scannow, and dism with no errors. I've ran audio troubleshooter, device troubleshooter, and have triple check that minecraft isn't muted. I've my computer connected to speakers in the back, and my headset in the front. When i launch minecraft with my speakers, it doesn;t appear in the audio mixer, but does so when i switch to headphone. I'm running windows 10 (non n version), so windows player is already installed, along with the pack. I've reinstalled minecraft countless times and reset it. The only thing that i suspect may be causing this issue is that i ran the XaanderBaatz script, but didnt check if it affected Minecraft at the time. I dont think that it is the issue but i wanted to point it out. I also downloaded voicemaster to flip my audio on my speakers because i put them on the wrong side kek. Thanks!