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    Had an account here but lost the email to it and could not recover it ;-;

    Anyways I am Kai, I am a programmer
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  1. Really depends on one factor: Do you like a CLI interface for installation, or do you prefer graphical interfaces? - CLI installers like on Arch or Gentoo aren't that bad or hard just much more involved - GUI installers like on Ubuntu or Fedora are easier for most people to understand but you are not as involved [depending on how customized you want your system this can be good or bad] - Mixed installers like on Slackware, Debian, and the Ubuntu Mini ISO are a lot like GUI installers but often you do not get your mouse, and depending on the system you will get sent head first into a terminal interface because they didn't include a GUI. None of these are "hard" just they each have a different level of graphical-ness to them
  2. My dream right now, is to own a PC with at least 4 cores and 8 gigs of RAM but sadly I am stuck at 2 cores and 4 gigs of RAM... yay....

  3. It's a chromium reskin WITH a terrible, not always working, laggy adblocker.
  4. Found that out a while ago but thank you so much for answering. I forgot about this post.
  5. SSH, VNC, and Spice are pretty much the best ways imo
  6. How about 10 reasons Linux is better? When is that coming out??
  7. RIP my old account, may I always remember my password or use my self-created password manager

  8. Well as a developer [working on my own Discord Bot library] can say it can help the nightmares of having to log in a billion times Actually it is liked by a lot of people, myself included. Usually people who have many machines or do development are the people using this but most people I know love it, just a dumb security flaw.
  9. I just want the information out there, felt like it was news but I guess I did misread some of the guidelines, my bad.
  10. Being reported, idk any big news sources yet but reports of this have flooded to the point I had 50 @ everyones in my notifications about this, so I am sure some real news source will hit on it in the next few minutes. However I knew this scam worked, know this scam is real as my friend told me he fell for it.
  11. Recently if you use Discord and you are part of a big server you know about this most likely. For those who don't but are curious what is going on let me explain and also whats going on in the back end of this scam. First off it is NOT a hack, it is a scam. What's going on is that people are getting these QR codes on there screens, copying them, then posting them in either DMs or publicly in Discord servers. These messages can usually go from "free nitro" to maybe unlocking features, or something else Discord related. Either way they will send a QR code. Best course of action is no not scan it. Boring scary part out of the way, let's get into how the scam works. It gives you a false sense of hope, because those who see it think "Oh it is Discord related" and scan it with the QR Code scanner built into the Android and iOS apps, with that the scammers got your Discord account. How? Well the QR Code reader reads login codes to make logging into other devices easier. This was a feature recently sent out sometime recently by the Discord team themselves with the oversight that people could use this to steal accounts which can be used to log into. The QR code is used to log in and can only be used if you are logged in with a mobile device. Some people might not know this feature and not know it is dangerous so is why it has been working decently well. Do not trust random QR codes anywhere, even if it connects to the same service that you saw it on.