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  1. But, i give up. Im going to clean my PC in february and im going to buy a new case. Maybe it's just a cable which isn't pluged in properly. Thanks for your advices. Have a great day.
  2. I did that what you said. When I searched for "event viewer" it showed up. I tried it on my language too.
  3. There isn't any of that it says
  4. It still shows the same error, I'm Administrator.
  5. Sadly my computer's language set on Hungarian, you wont understand anything, but i can send it.
  6. Its a Spirit Of Gamers ELITE-M20, and I downloaded the driver, it doesn't help.
  7. I have 16gb of ram 1 stick 2133MHz, SSD: SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250gb and a HHD: 2TB SEAGATE 3,5". How can I check my virtual memory settings?
  8. I did a test on a different PC. On that PC it worked fine. Now i tested an other port, and it's still doing it...
  9. Well, I have this problem since 2018. At the beginning, I played in games like PUBG and I noticed some cursor lags in game. I found out it was my CPU which was running at 100% usage at that time when the lag appeared. Now, I bought a new CPU which is an I5 9600k (The previous CPU was a I5 6400), and this is a beast, but the lag didn't disappear. My CPU is running at 15-30% usage, temperatures are 40-62 C, drivers are the latest. I linked a video bellow which shows the problem, I hope you guys can help me with it because it's really annoying sometimes. The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaGoCBDsSYs