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  1. Wow didn't know there were singapore online retail shops
  2. Wow you are incredibly helpful ! The A8 5600K is much much lower in price too, I think i can get this instead of 7850K ?
  3. Hey those people with 7850K , how does it perform up compared to A8 5600k??
  4. 750 Ti in local singapore shop costs around S$280, while the 7850k costs $255. I don't think i need a dedicated gpu to run dota 2 well isn't it?
  5. actually planning just to play dota 2 on max settings , which i think i just need a good integrated graphics chip
  6. Lol sure..... How do i know if 7850k is not also an april fools joke
  7. Hey guys, I need help in choosing the best integrated desktop graphics cpu I can get in the market . Any intel or Amd model processors is fine as long as it has very good graphics! Thanks!