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  1. Since money is tight buying a new gpu isn't an option also I kinda like the way everything looks in this computer Also the main reason I wanted this computer is I convert 1080p music videos and other longer videos and I use the highest settings for best picture and sound and my older computer that had the Core 2 Quad Q9550 was having fun it almost maxed out the cpu and the gpu I had in that computer, the gpu that's in that computer is only the GT 710 1GB it's not much. So this computer is like night and day over the older computer. But for that computer being almost 12 years old it's still going strong it's the Dell Optiplex 780 mt with 16GB memory a good spare.
  2. Also as you can see space is limited there's very little room for a bigger gpu it would hit the memory
  3. This computer has 24GB total memory(two sticks of 8GB =16GB and two sticks of 4GB each =8GB giving 24GB)
  4. I bought a computer off Ebay the listing said the power supply had fried it self and was untested and may or may not work and he didn't want it anymore. It was listed for $150 parts or repair the listing showed it was the Dell Optiplex 9010 MT made into a gaming computer with a 4gb video card, gaming memory, Windows 10 Pro and no hard drives included. There wasn't much listed for the full specs but I decided to take the risk buying it. I seen there was 7 offers on this computer already that were still pending so I went and paid full asking price. This computer came with no power supply or hard drives and the card reader didn't work. I had to clean the whole computer it was very dusty but in good shape after I cleaned and rebuilt it the computer works fine for over a month now no problems yet. What I am wondering is this a good computer for gaming in 2020? and did I get a good deal? the way the listing shows this computer can game at 60 fps to 150 fps seemed a little off but maybe I'm wrong since I don't play any games yet but I may get into gaming if this computer is good enough. Also I am wondering how much this computer maybe worth compared to what I have paid I have $215 total into this computer. These were the parts I already had a good friend gave to me over the last few months or so (used) Everything else came with the computer besides the psu. Samsung 860 EVO 1TB (SSD) Western Digital Blue 4TB Hard Drive ASUS 16X Blu-Ray Re-writer BW-16D1X-U D-Link DWA-582 AC1200 PCIe wireless Card reader System spec's Dell Optiplex 9010 MT Intel Core i7-3770 3.4GHz ASUS GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Overclocked 4GB GDDR6 24 GB DDR3 CORSAIR Vengeance LP memory(two 8GB sticks and two 4GB sticks) SAMSUNG 860 EVO 1TB (SSD) Western Digital Blue 4TB Hard Drive (Data drive) Windows 10 Pro(coa sticker was on the case) ASUS 16X Blu-Ray Re-writer BW-16D1X-U(installed internal) Rosewill ARC Series 450W Gaming Power Supply(I bought this new) Noctua Premium Cooling fans(80mm and 92mm) D-Link DWA-582 AC1200 PCIe wireless Card reader I looked up each part using the model numbers.
  5. I really like Windows 10 way too much to downgrade now I rather switch to the desktop before I do that since the older desktop is running Windows 10 very good it's a lot better then the copy of Vista that would have came with it when it was new, never liked Vista that was the first thing I took off this desktop was the Vista coa sticker. But all said and done this desktop only cost about $200 to $250 for everything that's all the upgrades and replacement parts and buying the stock computer($5) not bad since this computer seems to be selling on Newegg with less spec's then what's in mine for around $500 or so. That laptop on the other hand isn't going for much used even if there's nothing wrong with it and it's just not powerful enough to meet my needs it's just not worth selling I'd be lucky to get $60 for it the Seagate 1TB SSHD cost more then that when new. I'd rather just keep the laptop for a spare. Also before I ordered any parts for this desktop I inspected everything and the motherboard looks like new(after I cleaned it up and was able to see the hardware yes it was that dirty I had to take everything out of the case and clean each part then rebuild it) I didn't see any thing that looked like it could be going bad. I did order another power supply for the computer just in case I rather have spare parts so I can keep this computer going for as long as I can.
  6. This laptop came with Windows 7 Pro but I used that key code when I installed Windows 10 Pro also Windows 7 won't be supported for much longer and I don't have the install DVD anyway I tossed all Windows install DVD's older then 8 out years ago. I guess I will keep using the laptop till it dies or becomes mostly useless then switch to the desktop I just got done rebuilding I hope it will last till I get my new laptop but the way it's going down hill I don't think it's gonna last much longer but maybe it will last longer then I think and will hold on for another 4 or 5 months. It's a pain but it's still usable if I don't mind re imaging the boot drive every 2 weeks or so
  7. It's a OEM laptop so no everything's stock, now I got another problem with the laptop I have the laptop power setting set to not turn off the laptop and only turn off the monitor after 2 hours there's times I had to leave the laptop run over night it always stayed on well twice so far tonight after being idle for a short time the laptop going into hibernation and turns off the first time I thought I may have put the laptop into hibernation and just forgot but I know this time I didn't and it just went into hibernation when it's not set to in power options it's a clean install of Windows as of 3 days ago. So weird cause the TV was off but left the laptop running.
  8. There's no Windows 10 drivers on the AMD site for this older APU it only goes up to Windows 8.1 then the support ends but Windows installed the drivers since using the Windows 8.1 drivers caused problems when I tried to install them from the AMD site also there's no drivers for Windows 10 for this laptop nothing past Windows 8.1 even on the HP site there's nothing. This laptop don't even have HDMI only display port that only puts out video no sound.This was a free laptop my friend gave me a while ago to get my by till I can buy a new one.Maybe I'm pushing it too much?
  9. The ram when the laptop is at idle uses around 1.4-1.7GB when I'm running into these problems the most I seen it up to was 50 to 60% used range It's Samsung 1600 MHz ram I just bought awhile ago on Ebay it used to have the 16GB kit in and I took it out when I bought the Samsung kit the only other ram I have that would work in this laptop is a 4GB kit running at 1333MHz not enough ram. My guess the reason this desktop is faster is it's a better CPU being the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 but the ram is only DDR2 800MHz you would think that would make it run slower then the much newer laptop. I am wondering could all the problems be caused by using a 40 inch TV for the monitor on this laptop?
  10. The temps seem good the CPU never goes over 65C when maxed out and idles around 38C to 40C The battery is not installed I use this laptop like a desktop also to point out I have a 16GB ram kit by GB Micro and this laptop does NOT like it at all while it does boot it acts ten times worse and it shows HP are supported heck even Dell is supported by this ram This laptop has just over 20,000 hours on it what about a power adapter problem? one person suggested it could be a failing CPU but when I stress it out it's okay. But I did notice another problem when I'm downloading large files or when the CPU is maxed out or close to being maxed out the wireless mouse becomes useless very choppy no clue if that's related
  11. Good to know. Maybe someone would have a idea what's going on with my laptop it's a HP ProBook 6465B Windows 10 ProAMD A8 3510mx 8GB 1600MHz Ram about 2 months ago it stared to slow down enough every few weeks Windows needed to be reinstalled now it's almost every 2 weeks When I have more then one tab open and I switch between tabs the tab turns white for a few seconds. Two weeks also I was watching a video of Linus Tech Tips on Youtube and the screen(my TV) went blank with "No Single" messages on the screen this lasted about 10 seconds when it came back there was nothing on the taskbar not even the clock for a few seconds then it came back like Explorer reset it self. Some websites when scrolling down is choppy and jumping all over the place. Now this just started happening at random I put my laptop in hibernating when I turn it off at night last week when I turned it off about a few seconds it turned itself back on even after I turned it back off in hibernation 3 time I had to turn it off without hibernation only did that once that day then last night when turning off the laptop same way through hibernation it turned off and a few seconds later it turned itself back on for about 10 seconds then went back off I never ever seen this before and I been building and working on computers since Windows XP I tried different boot drives no change tested the ram and it passed with Memtest and it's a clean install of Windows 10 with only what I need installed. All bloatware removed. Any ideas anyone? Someone on the HP site said he thinks it's a bad capacitor on the motherboard and he said there's no way to test for this and the laptop's day's are numbered (that's why I got this desktop)
  12. It's the same as the one I got now installed both are 95 watts both are Yorkfield cores and both came out in January 2008 the only difference is the clock speeds and the L2 Cache but how much would the difference be with the Q9300 being 2.5GHz with 6 MB L2 Cache vs the Q9550 being 2.83GHz and 12 MB L2 Cache that's the only difference between the two CPU's
  13. As you can see there's not much showing for being supported don't you love HP? they never update their CPU lists even after new ones come out it's funny
  14. The laptop I'm looking at buying has the AMD Ryzen 7 3750h I already bought some upgrades for it G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 2280 1TB Windows 10 Pro Should make for a great laptop I only want this desktop as a spare computer just in case my laptop dies it don't get used much. For what I paid for everything it's still a great computer even if it's older. Maybe if this CPU don't work I may just put all my money into buying the new laptop first then maybe build another cheap desktop around the CPU. If I do that I will try to get the DDR3 boards with newer and faster ram
  15. Will it fry my motherboard if it's not supported? Also I was thinking of buying another socket 775 motherboard that will support that CPU if it don't work in this computer so I'm not worried about it not working but I am worried it could damage my motherboard since this computer is working great now also what would be the difference between the Core 2 Quad Q9300 and the Core 2 Quad Q9550 The Q9550 is clocked higher (2.83GHz) it has 12 MB L2 Cache vs the Q9300's 6MB L2 Cache(2.5GHz) will I see much of a difference between the two CPU's to make it worth the risk trying that CPU? I don't game but I do convert 1080 HD videos from time to time maybe that's what killed my AMD Laptop I find it funny that this desktop being 4 years older then the laptop is way faster and so much smoother running even back when the laptop was working right it still wasn't near as fast as this computer.