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  1. OP said budget is ~500€... Maybe a 5700 XT or RTX 2070.
  2. As I'm writing this and waiting for a match, my SR in Overwatch is 3497 as tank, 3062 as damage and 3704 as healer.
  3. Ryzen 5 3600: https://www.prisjakt.nu/produkt.php?p=5139853 Gigabyte GA-B450M DS3H: https://www.prisjakt.nu/produkt.php?p=4892911 Corsair CX550M: https://www.prisjakt.nu/produkt.php?p=3565496 Adds up to 3683‬ kronor which is about 395 dollars.
  4. Has it always been freezing or did it start just recently? And yeah, it's always shitty getting defect products, but I think contacting them when you can is the safest bet.
  5. I'm not saying you shouldn't care about ESD but it's really not that much of a problem that people think. A lot of people have proved you need to basically deliberately try to ruin something with ESD to actually... ruin something. An example is this video from JayzTwoCents: I used to be very paranoid about ESD, always wearing a wristband, touching something grounded after every breath, but now I almost do none of that. Touching the plugged in (but turned off) PSU every now and then should be more than enough.
  6. Where did you buy it from? If it's brand new then contact the store. You shouldn't have to mess around with a prebuilt, that's why people buy them. With those specs you shouldn't freeze in any game.
  7. Is it completely new or used? Sounds like that would fall under some kind of warranty. Also:
  8. If you're going from a 27" 1440p monitor then you'll definitely notice a difference. Not saying it's super bad though, I'm using a 27" 1080p monitor and I think it looks good. But yes, there's a good chance you'll think it looks more mushy.
  9. I'm interested in custom cables for the BitFenix Whisper M 750 W but CableMod does not list BitFenix on their custom cable configurator. I've Googled around and seen a few people claim that cables for Corsair PSUs work with Whisper M, but I'd preferrably like to to hear that from someone who's tried or is 100% sure it works before I go off and order expensive cables that'll destroy the PSU.
  10. Does anything else connect to your wifi, like your phone? If not then you can try resetting your router.
  11. Looking nice! Some cable management/custom cables would look nice indeed, but I personally wouldn't worry too much about it. They aren't too messy and I think it looks kinda "industrial" if that makes sense.
  12. So a while ago a colleague recommended Driver Easy to me and I tried it and eventually bought the pro version, and it seems to work really well. Super easy to just hit scan and install and never have to think about any drivers ever. But now I've seen a lot of people saying 3rd party software for drivers are totally unnecessary and maybe even harmful. Yeah I know, letting a 3rd party software install things that you don't even check on your computer sounds scary but it seemed like a popular program with good reviews so I wasn't so worried. But now I've started to notice some things. It says my graphics card needs a driver update, but when I look on Radeon Software it says it's up to date (attached images). What's up with that? What exactly will DE install? It's not the first thing it happened either. Also some other drivers such as Realtek High Definition Audio gets new drivers a lot, but is that accurate as well? I haven't had any major problems with my computer except a few blue screens after installing new hardware, but I just want some opinions whether I should continue using DE or not.
  13. By 2 slots on the side do you mean two in the front or 1 in the front and 1 in the back? Generally you should have the back and top ones as exhaust I think.