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  1. currently there is nothing but when i start the game it jumps to 60%-80%, even when i played unturned it jumped to 80
  2. a week ago i was playing games normaly, those games were r6, and even unturned, after a few days i cant even run games, without running any programes my cpu usage was around 30-40% my cpu is a i5-4660 amd r7 360 my mobo is gigabyte g1 sniper b5 i tried to update windows, it still doesnt work. right now i cant even use the windows search button thingy
  3. is it possible that a PSU play a role in this malfunctioning?
  4. did it and it might've worked! going to try to play some games and see if it keeps happening or not. thank you all!
  5. but sometimes when i leave my game's on and i left it since i was afk all night, when i checked in the next morning the game is still on and i can still check whats on drive D and E
  6. but everytime i did scan for hardware changes it detects the internal hard disks
  7. so.... i should get another motherboard? or is there a replacement part that i can get?
  8. hi! so im gonna go straight to the point i was playing games untill it "crashed" after i checked on the "my computer tab" my Disk D and E was missing. i was confused but then i went to device manager and did scanning for hardware changes and it reappeared!, after that i continued playing untill it happened again. i tought it had something to do with the cable, so i checked and nothing seemed wrong. but it keeps happening again and again and againg. is there something i can do to stop this from happening?
  9. if i buy a 1070 is it okay with my monitor? because next year ill problably save up for a new monitor since its one of the oldest thing i have
  10. sorry for the late reply, i just got back from school so i have a i7-3770k which i saved for last year and my monitor has 60hz refresh rate and 1920 x 1080 my budget is negotiable, i aim for around 8 months so i can pay for a 980, but if i save till december i can get a 1070 by christmas