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  1. Hey guys! I am tired of having to drop my game graphics to be able to stream game-play, my 2060 rtx does a good job at keeping up but it seems to also give a heavy load on my cpu. So, I decided to build a 2nd pc dedicated entirely to streaming and I wanted to know what would be the absolute minimum i have to spend to do it. I would like it to be a small micro-atx build so i have space for it on my desk but i am not sure how capable m-atx mobos are. With that said, I have some spare components I had in my old rig: -Ryzen 5 1500x -Zotac geforce 1060 6gbs -550BR psu would i be able to use any of these? if so, what other components would you recommend to complete the build? Thanks in advance.
  2. yes everything was/is up to date. I even went back a couple update versions on both cpu and gpu to see if it was something with the newer updates but no luck.
  3. 2700x amd ryzen 2060 rtx gigabyte 8gbs gigabyte ga-ab350-gaming 3 mobo 16gbs ram
  4. I have been dealing with weird frame drops and lag during any game, even league of legends and dota (note that my pc used to handle gtav and other heavier games at 1080/60fps before the lag appeared). It has been over 2 months, I tried every fix and trick i came across the web with no solution. So, I decided to upgrade my cpu and gpu but the lag is still there. Does that mean my mobo is at fault? or can it be just a software issue? The issue seems to go away after i restart my pc for some reason....i'm clueless as to what it could be now. In game both cpu and gpu run lower than 55C and the usage fluctuates between 10% and 30% for the gpu while the cpu stays around 12%
  5. the CPU only fluctuates around 2-3% up or down but the GPU goes from 30-35% to 0 then back up.
  6. You are probably right, but I am also having some trouble getting my argb fans to sync because this mobo doesnt support 5V pins. I guess i am ok for now since i got the cooler to stabilize.
  7. My frame rate drops from 104-150 to 30-40 in and out of game. I have been trying to solve this issue for at least 2 months now, all drivers are up to date, temperatures are bellow 60C, BIOS updated and restored, played around with Registry Editor, disabled game modes on windows, vsync, switched between hdmi and display port, literally everything I found in other forums and threads about it and it is still doing it. At this point I just want someone to point me in the right direction and tell me if I am supposed to replace/upgrade my GPU or my mobo? or if doing so is gonna solve anything. Nvidia GeForce 1060 6gb Ryzen7 2700x Gigabyte GA-AB350-GAMING 3 MOBO 16gb RAM Windows 10 pro
  8. I figured how to make it stop ramping up, by just making a custom curve in BIOS. I also read in another forum that Gigabyte and asus mobos have this problem with Wraith Prisma coolers, guess im gonna have to start looking for a new msi mobo then
  9. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-AB350-GAMING 3
  10. I recently upgraded my old cpu into a Ryzen7 2700x with the stock wraith led cooler. Also installed a set of new better fans to help it keep it cool but...the cpu cooler continuously ramps up from 1000rpm to 1700rpm for about 10 secs and the quiets down again, even if i'm not running anything in the background. It is REALLY loud and annoying, even when the temps are pretty normal (around 45-50C). I set it to quiet mode on BIOS and its still doing it. Does it have anything to do with a faulty cooler? it really wasnt as loud when I first installed it, or is it something to do with the airflow? Right now i have 2 corsair HD120s doing intake at the front, 1 HD120 as exhaust, and 1 more at the top. I can't seem to figure out how to make it at least "less loud".