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  1. what drivers would I need and when should I turn my internet on? question about the method, couldn't I just turn on the internet and download drivers after I disable the automatic updating driver through windows?
  2. hmm, It can't be the internet since im connected to the router, or windows since I am using the one from microsoft site. I will try what you said about the hard drive because its been used on an old HP desktop that held all of its files including OS
  3. All right will do, I will let you know tomorrow what my findings were.
  4. I won't be able to run the tests until tomorrow, though I have ran it before using cinebench. All of the temps were fine when I ran it, though I have no information the utilization. I was looking through other threads regarding the same problem I am having and they said that to reinstall windows but do not connect to the internet and turn off automatic updating and to manually download the drivers for GPU, and motherboard do you think this will work?
  5. Hello, I recently upgraded my CPU, RAM, and the MB. here are the specs CPU: i5-9600k GPU: GTX 1060 6gb) RAM: Corsair vengeance 16gb (3600 OC) STORAGE: 1TB barracuda HDD (used to contain the old OS from my old pc which was a premade pc) MB: Gigabyte Z390 UD PSU: 750 watt psu things I have done since completing build - updated bios - updated GPU drivers - updated windows drivers The pc seems to be running fine, but when I get into a game it starts stuttering, to be specific micro-struttering. I looked all over reddit and have tried all of their ways that they fixed this, and none of them seems to be working for me. I am honestly losing hope to fix this since its been three days that I have been trying to fix it. I have reinstalled windows numerous times thinking maybe the windows updater made a mistake, I have uninstalled and reinstalled GPU drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled games to no avail. I think maybe it could be the hardware but I've been to numerous PC sites where I stated my pc specs and gotten opinions from many that the build was going to work together properly.