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  1. Hey Guys I am currently working on a bat file and cant seem to get 1 last aspect to work i made this Bat file to ping google tracert google and open a speedtest web page. whitch all works perfectly now i just want it to click the button on the speedtest to GO. i have got the Curl and tried it in cmd by itself after the page has been loaded but nothing. if anyone knows how i can solve this issue please
  2. Hi guys Just to scratch at your brains a bit. Before I explain the situation I'll just give a breakdown of my pc specs i9 9900k (not overclocked) 32gb 2666 hyperx fury (no rgb) Asus rog strix b360-F gaming MoBo Nvidia RTX 2070 Asus duel fan Gamedias 280mm AiO liquid cooler 4 Rgb Gamedias 120mm fans 500gb Wd blue 3d nand ssd Msi Msi gungnir 100p case My configuration at the time is 120mm fans bringing air from the top down onto my cpu and top of my gpu 1 at the back also pulling in over the cpu and 2 140mm on top of my radiator pushing air through the front out of the case. Now for the problem. Since I'm in south Africa it is generally very warm. But my pc can really cook an egg when I want to kick up a game that is very demanding. Like battlefield 5 on ultra with RTX on. My Temps in C can reach 80. What I started to think was my fans are not doing a good job not because of configuration as I've tried it in 4 different configurations. But rather my controller for the fans. The Gamedias set comes with a controller that's responsible for the Rgb and fan speeds. But I have 4 120mm fans and 2 140mm on a single controller being powered by a single sata power connector. Now I'm no guru but I've build pcs before and thinking back especially lower end stuff. Each can was normally connected to a molex by itself or to the motherboards fan ports. So I just wanted to ask if you could help me out to see if I should buy new fans that use the own connecter and perform better or if it's the same with the controller or without it. Thanks guys look forward to hearing from you