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  1. Its working now, I cleaned it up and reapplied thermal paste, temp is at 34, and I set the fan from semi-active to active. I was wondering, which do you use? Auros Engine? or Gigabyte Xtreme Graphics? or Both. The two seems similar but Xtreme Graphics has more option, I worried that using both may interfere with either setup. What do guys think?
  2. the WD40 specialist im talking about is the "contact cleaner" which says used for electronics part specifically and non-conductive
  3. The problem is my PC would start then after a few seconds or minutes the screen would turn off, sometimes when I turn on my PC it just wont show any display at all. If all else fails, I think ill need save up again and buy a new GPU, im thinking GTX 1660?
  4. card is Gigabyte GTX 1050ti OC ill try that, thanks. What if theres no damage?
  5. I bought a GTX 1050ti almost 2 years ago, and today it keeps turning off the display, I already troubleshooted and narrowed down to the GPU as the issue right now I'm using my old GT 630 gpu which is more than a decade old (but still working while this newer card is already failing). Im thinking of cleaning it but the only thing I found on the local market is the WD40 Specialist which is primarily safe for electronics/pcb's but I wanna ask first. Is it worth it? the WD40 Specialist? and Do you have recommendations for me on how to fix this Thanks for those wholl reply, Id really appreciate it
  6. I have a Deepcool Matrexx 70 middle tower case specs are found here, I built my first PC but I re-used the PSU from my other PC and I noticed that the PSU wires are not reaching the motherboard's sockets and etc... I was wondering what should fit for this case and what would you recommend. Thank you
  7. it actually compatible with AMD and is easier to install rather than on intel so I wasn't sure which to use
  8. I bought a Ryzen 5 3600 with wraith stock cooler but I have also a Ice Edge Mini FS v2.0, Ive been searching and some say I should use aftermarket cooler but I think thats not always the case because Ice Edge Mini FS v2.0 is lighter than the stock (according to google) which will give better cooling if I use the stock cooler and buy later a much better cooling tower So I just wanted to ask for you opinion? This is also my first time using AMD ive been using Intel before
  9. I tried Sardu, but i noticed that the hirens boot cd pe (new) version isnt working
  10. I tried YUMI but when I try to boot up either HBCD or Windows 10 installation it wont allow me to open the other after rebooting, example if I boot up windows 10 then I restart and try to boot up HBCD it will boot windows 10 instead its the same other way around when I boot up HBCD first then windows later it will still boot up HBCD.
  11. Ive been searching which program to use for multiboot, I dont think winsetupfromusb would work. Here are the ISO i want to add Windows 10 Kali Linux Hirens boot CD and/or UBCD
  12. its back and it working for now, I doubt it totally fixed I can see tearing even during scrolling
  13. I already sent it for warranty I hope they fix it I know right, Im currently using my 6 year old GT630 and it still works perfectly
  14. My GTX 1050 ti goes black screen, and yes its faulty already for only 1 year of usage. So how do you fix a video card like physically? I pretty good at tinkering but dont know where to start first. Was hoping for a video on this channel. Currently watching "Bring your video card back from the dead! - Oven method"