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    On the Roof of Destruction
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    Robot Rage
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    Played RR 2005-2012, the game is back so I play again!


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    1 GB of Raspberry Pi goodness
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    pile of hard drives
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    LG and Sony
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    2.4 GHz wireless mini
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    A4TECH padless
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    MFA1200USB-BT amplifier and huge, but old stereo speakers
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    WIN7, Raspbian Booster, Ubuntu Mate
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    Toshiba Satellite from 2009

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  1. What about GPU temperatures? I am not a pro with cases, but maybe your GPU is squeezed to tightly in there...
  2. Well I am sorry to say, but you don't have built-in wi-fi... You can add PCI-e adapter inside the case or use external USB one that might have better signal, but being limited to those USB speeds.
  3. win + R devmgmt.msc Check for real name of your hardware in the Network adapters... If you don't have built-in wifi, buy USB adapter or for wired high speed solution buy a network switch and route ethernet cables through the house.
  4. Most PCs don't have built-in wifi adapters... You might have to use another device with internet connection to download the right driver for your ethernet adapter...
  5. Longshot: During startup go into advanced boot settings(F8 key maybe), try "last known good configuration" Via installation media: Startup repair not gonna help, cuz it does boot, but maybe try other options... At this point reinstall does look like easiest solution though.
  6. 1st thing that broke on my laptop was the web camera, and it was such a bad quality anyway... If you don't care about picture quality, why not just use your smartphone if other party demands to see your face. Can't recommend buying thing I don't use.
  7. If it's really your anti-virus there isn't much you can do, maybe change it's priority, allow it to use just 1 core... I prefer system restore points to running active anti-virus all the time... You can block shady websites on DNS level, so they will never even load. Pi Hole is amazing.
  8. It might be corrupted registry to blame... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell I have not made it work myself, but people have replaced win explorer with 3rd party software... I am using Q-Dir, but it's not gonna look pretty without explorer running. Ctrl+Shift+Esc is fastest way to start Task Manager
  9. win + R msconfig Make sure only crucial things run on Startup and disable suspicious services...
  10. Uninstalling sound driver might fix it for you, hopefully that is the only problem. Clean installing OS of has worked 4 you before, you might want to create system restore points in the future.
  11. Have you double checked with different software? No overclocking? Feels like thermal throttling, but no reporting correct temps...
  12. Could be drivers or power saving to blame...
  13. If you don't need it right away, Aliexpress, best discounts on 11th of November... Might save a copy on USB flash sticks or even microSD cards, those are rather cheap.
  14. From internet: "I have seen reports where the beep codes only occur if monitor not turned on as when monitor is on the VGA error is overridden." Hopefully it's not some hardware dying.
  15. 4 sure Linux would work better... There do exist windows light versions. 8 GB of RAM on something this old? Disable page file then... Having just 1 core is the bottleneck, and this would even be beaten by Raspberry Pi in single core performance. Disable all services you can, remove everything from autostart, don't keep any files on Desktop, sacrifice visuals for best performance. If it really does have such a great battery life, you could just put it to sleep in stead of shutting down...