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    On the Roof of Destruction
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    Robot Rage
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    Played RR 2005-2012, the game is back so I play again!


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    1 GB of Raspberry Pi goodness
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    pile of hard drives
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    LG and Sony
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    2.4 GHz wireless mini
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    A4TECH padless
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    MFA1200USB-BT amplifier and huge, but old stereo speakers
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    WIN7, Raspbian Booster, Ubuntu Mate
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    Toshiba Satellite from 2009

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  1. Yup router... if the wired ethernet connection is stable, you can plug another router (cheaper one without SIM card slot) into it and use that as wifi repeater.
  2. Some kind of virtual disk... Not windows error in itself, look further into: SgbTray.exe is known as Smart Game Booster Try installing Smart Game Booster as another user
  3. Look for IP address on the routers bottom or back panel...
  4. If not, you can always buy a new keyboard...
  5. 1st time you load a page it's always slower... later on some of it is saved in local cache.
  6. Use linux, run windows inside virtual machine, faster than re-installing
  7. Is that NordVPN? Ofcourse VPN will slow page loading, you can change default search engine to google if you want same auto correct as chrome...
  8. I don't know why it's so slow for you...we are talking pictures after all... Maybe PC has low RAM? Save files on micro SD card instead of built-in memory, remove it and use micro SD to USB adapter when you want to copy files to PC... Saves phones battery.
  9. How about https://web.whatsapp.com/ though you must share images with someone 1st https://airmore.com/transfer-whatsapp-media-pc.html
  10. You can try booting from live USB with linux on it, to see if it's really hard drive to blame. But do you mean not even BIOS is showing up?
  11. Have you checked remaining life of your old SSD? 500GB ain't small, but if that was your only drive, you might have killed it... I use Open Hardware Monitor on windows for it.
  12. Are you using safe removal? Else you might have corrupted files or maybe it's USB port to blame, have you tried another?
  13. Maybe it's supported in read only... won't let you modify the drive if it's been formatted previously by an older mac OS. To be safe format as exFAT, but do so from windows.
  14. And the problem started when, about the same time? Clean old and try applying thermal paste again...
  15. At least it was repaired in a factory by people that know what they are doing. I also got a Seagate 2TB drive for my brothers music projects, I hope it's new, during 11.11.2019 sale on Aliexpress, so far so good.