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  1. Hello i am having a problem display capture, whenever i open the program my display capture doesnt capture anything, just black. i have an I7 6700hq, rtx 2070 super, 16 gb ram, 1tb hard drive and 120 gb m.2 nvme ssd. ive tried windows compatibility mode with 8 and 7, ive tried integrated gpu / power saving mode, and disabling force gpu rendering mode, what do i do? PS: i have an egpu
  2. theres a video somewhere about someone building a cheap gaming ready pc in a shoebox
  3. is there any way to set a default profile on razer synapse 3.0? its really annoying cuz it now defaults to my rocket league profile thank you
  4. is there any way to set a default profile on razer synapse 3.0? its really annoying cuz it now defaults to my rocket league profile thank you
  5. i recently figured it put. i have an alienware laptop and it came preinstalled with killer wifi and i accidentaly blocked amazon's ip
  6. yep still happens in other browsers, just a different message of course, but the same meaning though
  7. my phone (on the same wifi) is just fine, same with my Samsung tablet, an old Chromebook works just fine, and my roommate's laptop works just fine
  8. amazon is the only sit so far that ive seen this happens to
  9. it takes forever to load, then when it finally does load is says this
  10. Hello! i'm quite lost and i don't know what to do. for somereason i am unable to go to any amazon website, it just acts like there is some kind of server problem or something. I dont know what to do. Any help? Thank You
  11. Hello! I have an Alienware graphics amplifier, and I am using an amd card with it, and the lid wont close completely is it okay if i leave the lid a little open? Thank you
  12. Hello! Can someone please tell me if there is a different method for uninstalling graphics card drivers for an external Graphics card on a laptop? ( I have an alienware, and the graphics amplifier)
  13. would the procedure be different if im using an EGPU?
  14. should i use safe mode and then unistall them? or should i just do it from normal windows mode?
  15. so we finally resolved the problem, his ram died when he put it into sleep mode