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  1. you're the man spotty! I'm literally sitting here with my case open about to go for it!!! thanks
  2. Hi Everyone! first PC I built myself and I may not have done my due diligence before ordering the WD Black SN750 500GB PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe M.2 2280. I have the B450 AORUS ELITE, included is an M.2 Thermal guard, Highlighted in yellow. Upon checking the M.2's compatibility with the motherboard ( https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/western-digital/product/internal-drives/wd-black-ssd/compatibility-list-wd-black-sn-750.pdf ) I did not find the B450 AORUS ELITE, but it states the list is for the model with the Heatsink. So am I lead to believe that the standard model that I ordered will fit with any motherboard with an M.2 slot (including my B450?) which brings me to my next question, if the NvMe is supposed to go in the top M.2 slot and the GPU is also supposed to go in the top PCI slot, And I already had to remove the thermal guard (that was covering the empty M.2 slot) to fit my graphics card... won't the M.2 (without thermal guard) be stifling hot pinned under the GPU? Not sure if any of this even warrants concern but as I am new to this, and scouring forums is becoming overwhelming... any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance