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  1. Hey, so I've been wanting to undervolt my GPU for a while to get better thermals. I don't want to do it for overclocking. I want thermals to drop because of terrible noisy GPU. The thing is that I'm not familiar with overclocking and I don't want to break anything or cause my GPU to stop work all together (my CPU doesn't have integrated graphics). My GPU is RTX 2060 and it has following base clocks according to Asus: OC mode: 1710 MHz (Boost) / 1395 MHz (Base) Gaming mode (Default): 1680 MHz (Boost) / 1365 MHz (Base) I don't have any idea which mode is on currently, according to BIOS "OC" is turned off but I got no idea if that means CPU or GPU. I'd be happy if it was just like 1600Mhz territory when gaming Overwatch (medium 1080p 144-200FPS) or Witcher 3/Black Desert (high 1080p 60 FPS). This is what my MSI Afterburner looks like now. I know you can access voltage control from ctrl + f but I'm too batshit scared to adjust voltage on my own. So... yeah, how to get started with this? Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't know a lot about coolers or fans so I did only pick whatever was recommend or popular. But yeah good to know. I did pick Noctua mainly for lower pitch. Swapping the fans will void the warranty of this GPU. My country also has relatively low supply on aftermarket coolers. https://tinyurl.com/to73aot This is the only one I found that could in theory work but I haven't seen any reviews on people testing it on this particular GPU. Do you think it will fit? If there is even slight "no" I might try just reselling this and buy other GPU with better cooling. //edit I can try undervolting too but is there any guides for that? I don't want to cause any damage to the system or prevent it from working.
  3. Yes, I think you're right on this one. I haven't really found any good way to calm this thing down since it got factory OC. OC mode is turned off from BIOS. Majority of the time in higher cock speeds fan speed also ramps up (I got the fan speed limited to 60% until it reaches 83 celcius and power limit at 78% in MSI Afterburner). Top case fans are running at 1100-1300RPM. Rear exhaust is running at 1300RPM. Bottom intake at 1100RPM. This is during gameplay in graphically demanding titles (Black Desert Remastered, 1080p, FPS limited to 60). Thanks a lot for reply. I was bit busy yesterday so I couldn't reply.
  4. Just a little update to this thing... I got super annoyed by the noise again because I did want to play games with high/ultra instead of medium. So I did decide to finally try to swap the fans around to see what happens. I got the case they're testing in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9IErDKnmF0 Here is shortcut to test results: I had before "2 upper intake, 1 rear exhale and 1 bottom exhale" setup which resulted me to have GPU sitting around 78-83 celcius when gaming. Now with "2 upper exhale, 1 rear exhale, 1 bottom intake" I got 82-83 celcius about 10 min in to the game and GPU fans ramp up quite fast above 60% which makes it unbearable for me. After 30 min the temperature started to climb closer to 85 celcius. Well it was worth a try but I think it's not working sadly. I'll try to do a switcheroo tomorrow again. Maybe I'll move one of the top fans to bottom. The funniest thing here is that even if I did put my GPU fans to run 100% speed the temperatures don't really get lower. So I don't really know what is going on.
  5. I don't know much about tech but frame drops in mmos like BDO are quite normal...It's more about game engine & poor optimization of the game than about your hardware. Aion is good example of that sadly. It's old mmo made with Cryengine 1 and even with modern PC you won't get good FPS. I did watch some twitch user streaming it with i9-9000K and RTX 2070 and his FPS was jumping between 40-100 even when there was no other players in the screen. I did test run BDO with my desktop (RTX 2060 and Ryzen 5 3600, nothing overclocked) without tweaking graphics settings much. FPS jumps up and down constantly from 70 to 120 and back, sometimes sinking all the way down to 45. My setup isn't perfect either, you probably will get lot better temps than me. I just did record this because I couldn't find any video footage on people playing BDO with this cpu + gpu combo. Medium 1080p High 1080p
  6. Hello, I got Xbox Game Pass code to play lots of games free for 3 months and I've enjoyed that service a lot personally. It has given me opportunity to try games before buying them from Steam. However, I think the service isn't very popular currently because they are basically giving these codes for free (3 months beta access is like 1€). I got a bad feeling that this service won't live long on PC at least because how the service works: When you download a game to your PC you can't edit nor mod it because Windows hides the files from you even if you got administrator's rights. I did try to give myself permission to see the file location but no luck so far. Microsoft sure makes it looks like your personal PC and hardware isn't yours anymore. Anyway, I'd like to know if anyone has found out any way I could trick Windows to let me see the game files in order to have a backup from save files (and move them to Steam once I've bought the title). Thanks in advance!
  7. I finally did figure this out in case someone else has same issue with this particular GPU. ? I did try to install drivers again, went through BIOS maybe 100 times, replaced case fans with expensive ones and flipped them around, moved cables around for better airflow etc. Yeah the case has better cooling now but it didn't help this GPU much. This did the trick however. Someone might ask, why though? I'm not sure why but GPU was overclocking itself to 1935Mhz (GPU boost 3.0?) when playing any game. This was making GPU to run quite hot and fans spinning like 70-80%. That together with terrible case fans didn't mix well. Now the GPU clocks around 1400Mhz and stays around 70-75°C under load, the fan speed never goes above 50%. I still can play my games (relatively old ones) in 60-100FPS at 1080p and it's silent. ? And yeah, I'll let the GPU release it's fury when it needs to.
  8. Gaming laptops get outdated fast... I had GTX970M for 3 years (bought in 2016) and it couldn't run Witcher 3 on low settings 1080p over 30 FPS. I paid 1760USD for that experience. Anyway, I digress, laptop GPUs have evolved quite a lot since I got one. I think for WoW this laptop is just fine and you can probably run it quite easily 60 FPS in ultra/high at 1080p. Any bit older game (2016-2017) should also run with playable FPS at 1080p. For light gaming I think gaming laptops do their job but they tend to have quite short life span. My husband has had 3 Asus gaming laptops and they all died in 3 years (right after they had warranty expired, he played mainly WoW and CS:Go and Overwatch). I've had also 2 gaming laptops (MSI ones from 2011 and 2016). Both are still functioning (my father is using them for work). The 2016 model was running bit too hot for a long time thought, it's fans wore out and I had to replace them after particularly hot summer.
  9. // edit. Just nvm, I did read wrong.
  10. I guess 2.6 Bels sounds way cooler than 26 decibels. Bit weird tho, I haven't heard a noisy hard drive in years... SSDs have spoiled me big time. Yeah, main issue is the case and pretty much everything inside it. I got fans installed for "reverted cooling" at the moment (2 top intake, 1 rear exhaust, 1 bottom exhaust). Sadly this noise thing has became an obsession to me and during my free time I spend way too many hours adjusting fan speeds, opening and closing the case etc. Noctua fan's didn't fix this issue but they made things bearable (no echo or rattle). I'm not experienced enough to buy and install water cooling of any sort. And yeah all I really wanted was just to enjoy new pc.
  11. Okay, well it was good to learn it this way. Now this desktop is nearly silent with 4 120mm Noctua fans and Noctua CPU cooler. I'll try some fan control program in Windows and see if any of them recognize this mbo. . This is PinXun. ? 120mm case fan in 80€ BitFenix case. Terrible, terrible fan. I thought that case would have BitFenix Spectre or something in their case because they are cheap too but they did save even more money this way.
  12. I'm talking of personal experience but some 2060s have really poor cooling. Depends on case and airflow ofc. I can't even dream of 144 fps and 1080p without hitting 85C in couple minutes of gameplay in ultra. Never tried rtx because I can set up BBQ after. I got 2 Noctua fans pushing cold air to card. So imo, dont go for the cheapest 2060 if you get one...
  13. Now that you said it, these pics are bit weird. Seems they did use pictures from 2 different version of the case. Yes, this is some late model I got confused multiple times because older YT videos got totally different looking case than the one I got. One older model had better cable managment, there was cable socks in some version and the power button/usb was in different place. Yeah, I can see that they did cut some corners because whole case kinda feels cheap: Thank you anyway, I guess I just have to deal with it.
  14. Hey, this case has been such pain in the butt honestly... My only way to do any kind of modification inside is to open the side panel from power button side (I got 2 fans on top). This amazon page shows how it's built quite clearly. Every time I have to open the case it feels so clunky and I'm scared to death to break these power/usb cables that are connected to this side plate. They are sitting quite tight and not easy to remove (I did try but I was scared of breaking it) Opening the case is fairly simple but trying to close it is the worst thing ever. Side plate doesn't sit properly in "the rail" and I always end up slipping and hitting power cables to rails. Also sata/power cables of the SSD tray get into way when closing the side panel and there is always a chance I damage or disconnect one of the drives when closing this thing. ? Cables itself are so short and tight that they don't move much. Is there anywhere any video or picture to show how to close this thing properly? Instruction manual shows how to open it but not how to close it. I need to open this thing one more time next week to replace one of the fans and then I hope i don't need to for a while but I still will need to open it for cleaning every now and then... Thanks in advance!
  15. ok this is last update for this thingie. it seems best way to reduce noise on this bitfenix prodigy M case is to invest on silent coolers. I did try with 2 intake fans on top and 1 outtake rear and 1 outtake bottom. that is enough to keep GPU temp in control (around 70 celcius when gaming which keeps the fans spinning less than 50%). It's quite stupid though because the fans will cost me 90€ and for that 90€ I could've got just GPU with better cooling. I still don't know what is this PinXun thing, Google doesn't now.