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  1. Hey I just did a fresh installation on Windows 7 and installed Chipset Driver NVIDIA Driver etc and Device Manager keeps saying Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller is Missing and I wanted to know if there is any possible way to fix it? IDK if this matters. amd ryzen 5 2600x msi b450 tomahawk RTX 2060
  2. I totally forgot about the Power Plan Question Sorry my Power Plan is ultimate performance @boggy77
  3. Levent ~ Boggy~ im getting FPS Drops when I am in intense situations as example Fortnite Building Edit fast Movement in Cs Flashling~ how can I see if its getting capped and im only using 1 Monitor btw
  4. added HWinfo thanks for letting me know
  5. As the Title says im having FPS Drops in Games like CS-GO and Fortnite I tried so many things like turning XBOX Game DVR off for CS-GO and much other stuff that should help but I don't see any changes. My Specs are shown in the Picture I opened Core Temp too since Speccy showing wrong temps. i would really appreciate if you could take you time and help me out for any other questions I try to answer asap.