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  1. How long do you think it'll take before games start to use 6-8 cores/threads?
  2. Not really, mostly just leaks and rumours. I don't think that 5-10% in ST performance is that much, as Ryzen has higher ST than Intel, but maybe 10th gen could be even higher.
  3. Is the performance difference between the i9 9900k and the i9 10900k such a big difference? I got all the parts for my new build last week, and if the difference is extremely big, then I might return my 9900k and motherboard for the upcoming new ones. I only game, and since most games don't use more than 4 cores(?), and the 10900k has 10 cores, is it worth the upgrade?
  4. On their website for Kraken X73 (At the bottom of the description) *Fan control is not included with the Kraken X-3 series https://www.nzxt.com/products/kraken-x73
  5. But specifically on the NZXT it says that the X series coolers fans can not be controlled.
  6. On the NZXT website it says that the X73 fan speed can not be controlled, but what if you connect the fans to a splitter, which is then connected to a hub? I have a H710i, which has a fan hub. Also can the Z73 fan speed be controlled? It does not say whether the fan speed can be controlled or not.
  7. ??? I thought you could only control the cpu cooler fan speed from the bios. I'm also using a kraken z73 for the cpu cooler
  8. I going to use an NZXT H710i which comes with a hub. The hub only has three fan inputs, which are meant for the front main three case fans. Should I worried about the rpm of the back fan, as it might be too high? Or is it possible to control the fan from the motherboard fan header? Is it even possible to have two hubs at once?
  9. Does anyone control fan rpm for each individual fan? I'm asking this because splitters make all fans the same.
  10. Which is better, using a splitter cable to connect the three radiator fans straight to the motherboard, or using a splitter cable to connect to a hub? Which option gives more fan control? Does connecting the three fans individually to the hub make a difference? Since there are four case fans, should I also connect them individually to the hub or use a splitter cable to the hub (As I will most likely run them all at the same RPM)? I will be using an NZXT Kraken Z73 and the hub is the NZXT RGB and fan controller which comes with the case I am using, the H710i.
  11. I am wondering which case I should get. The H500P Mesh is $50 less than the 710i, and provides better airflow than it, but which looks better? (I am using Gigabyte's RGB Fusion for both, H500P Mesh has two front fans RGB but I like the black case of the 710i. The 710i has no RGB fans that come with it)
  12. I think since you play FPS games in general, you should get a light mouse like the Glorious Model O or Model D, as they are like medium size and lightweight. You should also just check Rocket Jump Ninja's mouse tier list. There you can choose based on size, weight, and many other things. https://www.rocketjumpninja.com/top-mice