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    -.-!.. get an Battery like anker or simillar with the right Amps and plug in to the wall, just try to hide it so they cannot see it.
  2. As a SMB, you must find something cheap, easy and reliable to work with, maybe build a PC for your own have a small cost upfront, but the problem came later cause you need to think about the OS that you are going to use, the support and maintance of this device, I'll consider to check of Dell, Lenovo or HP Tower microservers, those cost a little more upfront, but it came with support and data recovery plans, for a Print Server and NAS, maybe a Linux base System will be best for your needs.
  3. Try EBS from amazon, maybe glacier is for you, if the info is not accesible often (let said 06 month) it can be very cheap, or a combination between bucket + Glacier.
  4. get an NVR, Those are cheaper than building a custom PC, for a time consuming ( your time making one) and installation point of view (its not a PC and can be put on litle box on the garage), Also your client (friend) only need something to work, and this are almost baremetal, you just need to put the disk you want ( 4,6 8 TB) turn on and they are ready to go.
  5. hi, after read all, that 2.52 Gbit means that you configure your disk on RAID 10 (1+0) or it still RAID 6?
  6. basically yes, but is more like, deploy an script that make the shortcut on the desktop user, first it had to be an script to run when the user login to the pc, second, the application had to be already installed on the user PC, and you just need to put this on the script: @echo off SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION SET LinkName=Hello SET Esc_LinkDest=%%HOMEDRIVE%%%%HOMEPATH%%\Desktop\!LinkName!.lnk SET Esc_LinkTarget=%%SYSTEMROOT%%\notepad.exe SET cSctVBS=CreateShortcut.vbs SET LOG=".\%~N0_runtime.log" (( echo Set oWS = WScript.CreateObject^("WScript.Shell"^) echo sLinkFile = oWS.ExpandEnvironmentStrings^("!Esc_LinkDest!"^) echo Set oLink = oWS.CreateShortcut^(sLinkFile^) echo oLink.TargetPath = oWS.ExpandEnvironmentStrings^("!Esc_LinkTarget!"^) echo oLink.Save )1>!cSctVBS! cscript //nologo .\!cSctVBS! DEL !cSctVBS! /f /q )1>>!LOG! 2>>&1 how to make a shortcut from cmd: https://superuser.com/questions/392061/how-to-make-a-shortcut-from-cmd how to deploy a script using GPO: https://www.petri.com/setting-up-logon-script-through-gpo-windows-server-2008 note: its for 2008 but for 2012 its almost the same.