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  1. Yes i see but is it possible to anyway to have ssd and hdd at the same time?
  2. Click me! As we can see here on the 3th photo that what i see when i open up the inside of the laptop, and when i seen the reviews and read some stuff this laptop is upgradable and its possible to install hdd, but i cant really find any guides.
  3. Seen it, its not i think same models as i have, it dont have that case that he is using and at that place where he is replacing hdd i think m.2 is on the way or smth as i have researched
  4. Hello, I need help, so i basically have this laptop for about 6 months. And it had 256 ssd on it but space is too small for me so i bought hdd and tryed to install it, but i got into problem that i dont really have any experiance on upgrading laptops. So could anyone atleast what i need to buy before installing it, or guide me trough i would be very thankful. Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad L340-15IRH Gaming, 15.6" FullHD IPS/ i5-9300H/ RAM 8GB/ SSD 256GB/ GTX1050 3GB/ 81LK00GTLT Website where i bought it from(Its from lithuanian website): Click me! Thanks!