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  1. Hey JZStudios, that would be amazing if you could do that
  2. I have a regular problems with my home WiFi. My first thoughts are that the problem lies with the Router. To begin with my Broadband is fine for UK standards, its Plusnet fire Optic, 40Mbps Down and 30Mbps Up. But my problem is that it sometimes loses connection, the actual signal icon still appears in my task bar as connected but with no internet, it will stop working for less than a minute before it starts again, it will do this between every 30 minutes to every 5 minutes. There are often 4-5 people connected don multiple devices. I use the router that was provided with my Broadband, Will replacing this fix the problem? Cheers
  3. I have been looking around at amp and DAC for my specific needs, I am unable to fins one so am looking to build my own, I have fairly extensive experience in fabrication and a small but limited amount of knowlage of electronics and PCB design, has anyone had a go at this en devour and if so does anyone have any tips? Cheers
  4. Thank you all for the advice, I bit the bullet and purchased one, The machine is fantastic, I've only just started it up and uninstalled McAfee, having had a poke around I have discovered a little thunderbolt tool that answers this thread very nicely, here is a screen shot of it:
  5. Do you like do you like it, how does it perform under relative stress?
  6. I’m thinking of gettting the top tier variation, i7 3.90ghz, 32gb ram, 1TB https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/2-in-1-laptops/xps-13-7390-2in1/spd/xps-13-7390-2-in-1-laptop/cn73016
  7. I’m thinking about getting a new daily driver, I want a 2in1 for ease of use as I travel frequently, but I also need a machine that can handle medium-weight video editing (4K footage, light colour grading, basic titles, 2-3 video layers and audio editing) for when I am at a desk, I was wondering if an external GPU such as the blackmagic design eGPU or Razers eGPU, works with the dell XPS13 2 in 1, so that I can use it with the graphics card when I’m at my desk but still have the portability and basic power of the 2 in 1. cheers