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  1. If that doesn’t work, do I resort to taking out the CMOS battery and putting it back in?
  2. Should I use a screwdriver to short circuit the pins? Do I keep the computer off or on when I do this?
  3. For the Step 2, do you mean the clear cmos button as the jumper also?
  4. I recently built a new gaming PC that was working fine until I started messing around with the overclock. Randomly when I tried booting to Windows 10 (I have booted more than once before), the the startup was frozen. I hard reset it by holding down the power button and shut it down. I started it up again and got to Windows 10. The problem was that it said that it failed to start it. I went to bios and I turned off Ai overclock tuner provided by ASUS. This time it perfectly booted to Windows 10. I really wanted to overclock so I restarted and went back to BIOS and turned back on Ai Overclock Tuner. When I booted to windows 10 it gave me the same error again. I tried this 2 more times until finally when I turned on the pc, it just started Windows 10 without the option to press delete to go to BIOS. I restarted and went to windows 10 advanced startup options and click on the option to go to the BIOS. I clicked on it and waited but all there was is a black screen. Can someone please help fix this? Do I have to jump the motherboard, take out the cmos battery and put it back in, or etc.? This is my part list https://pcpartpicker.com/user/OutsideBeast/saved/