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  1. So i have an pre-built and i sorta made my CPU defect and i want to upgrade it. So what i want to do is to upgrade from a defect "i5-8400" to an "i5 8600k" Also i just want to know if my motherboard (named tampa2) does have support for overclocking because my bios is a shitty hp bios i want to know if it works with intel ETU (Extreme tuning utility)
  2. I mean it did say in bold "Remove this cover before putting on thermal paste" and i did remove it first thing
  3. https://gyazo.com/4b53a26cd901291c137ecf708136408b
  4. I have a shit HP 500w bronze and i think it might have failed on me
  5. Bro i have rebuilt this PC too many times also when i say it looks good i can see the cpu and the cooler on it through the case also i think this is a PSU issue
  6. i don't think thats the issue it looks fine from here and it has well enough paste also it is on 30C why would it thermal trottle
  7. No the cooler plug is in the cooler i have checked this 3 times.
  8. I recently upgraded my CPU fan and ram the pc wouldn't boot and i needed to rebuild the pc 3 times over, once it booted and had a blue screen for not having enough power but after a few rebuilds it started to boot in windows. When booted into windows the CPU is stuck 0,78GHz and not 3,8GHz. In IETU (Intel extreme tuning utility) it says it's thermal throttling i have a ss here: https://gyazo.com/003150cc2abcc0ec0f126fce1348f906 I have an INTEL i5-8400 Also i think this might be a PSU issue any thought's? Also this is what i upgraded: Intel stock cooler -> Cryorig H7 8gb ram -> 24gb ram
  9. I don’t think I can get another cpu.
  10. No it doesn’t since it gets help from the bracket behind the motherboard.
  11. I know what is means but like how?