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  1. Another reason to use HDD is that for example I have an external drive I backup to about once a year and if I only backed up like once in two years, I might lose the data.
  2. Thanks, didn't know about that!
  3. Because I worry about reliability issues and I don't know how much I would actually write on it and whether it'd be too much.
  4. Thank you for the comment! To my understanding it's the opposite, the higher capacity SSD the longer it lasts.
  5. Assuming price isn't an issue, will there be any benefit of an SSD for uses such as: -Downloading install files and installing applications or drm free games from SSD -Unpacking archive files -Downloading music (for example game soundtrack archives, bandcamp) -Often with HDD I get annoyed at how long it takes for the File Explorer to load, for media to start etc. -Backups would be faster from the SSD to an external SSD
  6. Well the PC worked fine instantly after the PSU was changed *shrug* Oh So you think any of my options are fine and it doesn't matter what I choose?
  7. I have seen this thread but the problem is that there are people who have bad experiences with pretty much any PSU and my bad experience with the AX860i does not make me feel like picking up Corsair or Seasonic and I wonder if my fear is unfounded or not. Atm I'm leaning towards the Dark Power Pro 11. I pretty much can't get the rest of the brands here other than the ones I mentioned.
  8. Hey, I have a question about PSU:s. My current PC used to have Corsair AX860i which would cause my PC to randomly restart or rather shut down and then start back up during games. I found others with the same issue on youtube. Had to replace it. For the new PC I've considered Corsair AX850, Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum, ASUS ROG Thor and be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11. I've read that Seasonic PSU:s have bad fans. I've read that Asus ROG Thor doesn't have 16AWG gauges and that their cables don't have capacitors (dunno what these things actually mean in practise but still). Any recommendations for the PSU?
  9. All right thanks! So you would recommend also changing the fans in the NH-D15 to the Corsairs? I'm going to assume the potential for 2x140mm with 2000rpm is better than the included 2xNF-A15 1200rpm ones.
  10. Just out of curiosity, what fans would you use instead of the Noctua ones? Would Corsair ML140 PRO 140mm PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fans be good?
  11. That makes sense, and I don't really vacuum very often Are you sure that the frontmost top exhaust won't be sucking in too much of the fresh air coming from the front? I've also seen a configuration where the top front mount is intake, but that seems like it would interfere with the air coming from the front. Also, your config is neutral pressure? Isn't positive pressure (more intake than exhaust) better? About the PSU, would you choose Corsair AX850 80 Plus Titanium or Seasonic 850W PRIME Ultra 80 Plus Platinum? Is there any relevant difference?
  12. Thank you! What fan configuration would you suggest? front 3, back 1, top back 1, bottom 1 front 3, back 1, top back 1, bottom 2 front 3, back 1, top 2, bottom 1 front 3, back 1, top 2, bottom 2 or something else? I was also planning on a sound card, is the difference in GPU temp going to be big? Since the sound card would be blocking the airflow from the bottom to the GPU? Also, will the sound card work properly on the bottom PCI-E x4 slot? I don't understand the x16, x8 and x4 stuff. But plugging the sound card into the second slot would make the GPU slot x8 right, which is bad?
  13. Thank you for your answers! The specs say the Master has 1 CPU header, does that mean I couldn't use 2 industrialPPC cpu cooler fans? Does 3x120mm in the front provide better airflow/temps than 2x140mm? It seems the case can fit 3x140mm fans at the front, isn't the bottom cover thingy blocking the bottom fan then?