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  1. Nope, actually only reseted the bios and tweaked voltage a little... Will replace the thermal paste with some kryonaut either way, will post results later
  2. intalled both HWinfo and the newer realbench, ran an quick stress test and according both to softwares temps did not go over 75C. now on HWinfo data, what data should i look for?
  3. well not yet, i don't have any termal paste available at the moment, but already ordered some, expect to remount it tomorrow.
  4. 4.7 indeed, not even going to 5.0 on the 1st two cores...here's a print screen of the HWinfo after an quick 15 min stress test. i kind of an noob when it comes to overclocking/voltage tweeking i can't seem to find the the CPU cache multiplier, CPU VRM switching and VCCSA under the bios advanced settings, would it possible to guide me towards it?
  5. Well, vcore was set to auto. If im not mistaken 9900k works somewhere beetween 1.3 and 1.4, and some cases with an good chip even under 1.3 with 5ghz overclock. So i went testing, with realbench, and did an quick 15 min stress test at 1.32v, got max temps of 92C with stock frequencies! Tried lower and got blue screens, did i just get the wrong end of the silicon lottery? Or is it something else?
  6. So here's what in check for trying to solve the issue - change the headers - replace the termal paste - change the rad airflow orientation - change the GPU to horizontal and add some proper fans down there the back of the case unfortunately does not have fan mount holes and even if it did it only would allow 80 mm fans :s thanks for help, will let you know if any of the sugestions worked
  7. that's not my aio cooler, that is an older model, mine only has one cable and according to the manual it is connected to the right header (i've included the correct page above)
  8. at the moment, only the lower 3 fans are providing intake, they are offset from the table only 1cm (0.39 inch) that's due to the vertical gpu mount limitation that don't allow me to mount them inside the case; the frontal 3 fans where the radiator is placed and the top 3 fans are exaust. if i was to invert the orientation of the air flow on the radiator would that help? (considering it would actually put warmer air inside the case, but cooler air on the radiator)
  9. Actually my manual says otherwise, it depends on the model i think, it's plugged on my cpu fan header
  10. yes, of course, its not my first rodeo the AIO cooler came with some pre applied paste wich i also cleaned and replaced with some mx4 arctic instead. pressure and ammount of paste are subjective, did the pea appling method but cant recall how big or how small it was, as for pressure i hand tighten the screws in a cross pattern until i felt it wouldn't budge.
  11. hi! Been using this PC mostly for work and, after running into some PC freezes while playing HL Alyx i decided to find the root of the issue and did an prime95 cpu stress test. while having the cpu at stock, with no OC whatsoever, i've reached package temps of 100°C wich are way too high for stock frequency. Other than a possible not so good airflow issue i have absolute no idea whats going on and what to do to solve it. here's my configuration: Mobo: Gigabyte Z390 Master CPU: i9 9900K RAM: 64GB - 4 x 16gb DDR4 Trident z 3000 GPU: MSI gaming x trio RTX 2080ti PSU: Corsair RMx 1000W M2 1: Samsung Evo 960 250gb M2 2: Crucial P1 1 tb M2 3: 660p 2TB AIO cooler: Thermaltake Ring 360 (with 3 120 fans) other fans: 3 x 120 thermaltake ring + 3 x low profile fans Case: Lian Li O11Dynamic (Self assembled, Pea method on thermalpaste) Idle temps: 36°C to 40°C Room temp: 20°C Airflow diagram and fan curve profiles in the attachment Please help
  12. Hi! actually my 1st post here and already asking for help… I have an Alienware AW3418HW monitor (3440x1440 / 21:9) and an LG 65 C9 pla TV (3840x2160 / 16:9), both connected to my PC and not in the same room. My main display is the monitor, but i often change to the TV to play some games, at the moment i have the PC cloning the image on both monitors, and with the different aspect ratios/resolution i'm getting some lovelly black bezels when i'm on the TV From what i've read, part of the solution is to eneable extended display mode, but is there any whay to assign an application on a given display? Assuming that's possible, and using Witcher 3 as an exemple; i play it 20% of the time on my monitor (display 1), 80% on my TV (display 2), in this case assigning it to display 2 would solve my problem 80% of the times, and i could have it preconfigured to 4k since it would open on a 4k display, but how about those 20% times i use my monitor to play? would i have to reconfigure everything back? is there any sort of software, script (or anything else for that matter) that can manage displays/aspect ratios thanks in advance