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    intel i5 - 8250u
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    4X1 one board
    4X1 Samsung DDR4
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon 530
  • Storage
    WD green120Gb SSD,
    Seagate 2Tb HDD
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    15.6" FHD IPS
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    Windows 10 pro education
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    Lenovo ip320-15ikb

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  1. https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/203403/forward-whatsapp-messages-to-e-mail-or-sms
  2. not like to use WA webpage. that have the same as phone. my question is diffrent then whatsapp web
  3. hi everyone, i am not regular whatsapp(WA) user but my friends and colleagues are made me conversation via WA. as i mention before i don't want to use WA to replay the same kind of way as they are doing. but i need a diffrent way to send and receive message thorw an email / sms to convey my message to their WA. like whatsapp piple line for both of us. i m sorry about my english if you don't get my points please improve this question to quote. dear members i'm looking for your answers. thank you so much.
  4. How do i solve this "some of these settings are hidden or managed by your organization" on W10 education pro
  5. basically amd cpu produce much heat then intel's
  6. AMD Ryzen™ 9 3950X @ ₹45000(amd site) Graphics Model Discrete Graphics Card Required # of CPU Cores 16 # of Threads 32 Max Boost Clock Up to 4.7GHz Base Clock 3.5GHz Thermal Solution (PIB) Cooler Not Included, Liquid Cooling Recommended Default TDP / TDP 105W AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 1950X Processor @ ₹29000(ebay) # of CPU Cores 16 # of Threads 32 Max Boost Clock Up to 4GHz Base Clock 3.4GHz Thermal Solution (PIB) Not included Default TDP / TDP 180W is worth to buy threadripper 1950x rather r9 3rd gen. if i choose threadripper still in 2020 is good
  7. where we can buy a intel core i series and amd ryzen series old gen CPUs on now. tell me some good place to buy a Old gen CPUs
  8. winner was annonced https://maingear.com/linus-tech-tips-maingear-element-giveaway/
  9. hay just quote your points. i have 50000
  10. do you have any information about winner
  11. i have laptop that has i5 8250u, 120ssd, 8gb of ram and redeon 530 gpu. can you some help me to boot mac into pendrive and installation process
  12. if i surfe a internet to use Tor browser, is ISP or someone tracks me. Tor surfing is legal
  13. if you are afford to 10th gen you will go to it otherwise 8th is still good