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  1. As much as I wished you had mentioned that before it worked. BIOS said version 3003. Thank you all for your help.
  2. What exactly is the BIOS renamer tool? and with that can I just use the .cap file to install the BIOS leaving it with it's default name?
  3. So somewhat recently for the holidays I got a 3900x. I have a B450-F motherboard and based on what I've read, it's possible to use gen 3 ryzen with my board. So far I've been only able to update by motherboard's BIOS to version 0504. My first question is whether this version supports gen 3 ryzen. And if not how can I get/install a version that does. Just to see if this helps, EZ Update in AI Suite 3 was unable to find a newer version then this when checking from the internet. Thanks in advance.
  4. The clock speed is about 3.35 GHz , the power plan did seem to be the problem. Thank you for all the help
  5. Balanced seems to have increased my FPS somewhat dramatically, the temps for the CPU are around 40 and around 60 for the GPU
  6. It's on power saver, the other options I have are high performance and AMD Ryzen Balanced
  7. GPU is settling around 40% Edit: While playing Rust
  8. Hi, first of all, thank you for taking the time to read through my rather simple question. Basically I've been experiencing low frame rates in Rust. My immediate thought was to check the ram, after way too much deliberation, I figured it wasn't that. Now I thought to look to my CPU and something that I found odd is that it's a 3.40 GHz base clock and it's only running at 2.20 GHz under the load of Rust. I was wondering if one this would be influencing the performance and the FPS I'm getting and in-game. And two if so, how I could go about fixing it. The specs of my pc are as follows: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700x 3.4 GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 OEM card 8GB SSD: 1 TB Samsung 860 Evo HDD: 3TB 7200RPM Samsung Ram: 32GB DDR4 3200MHz G-Skill Memory Motherboard: B450-F Thank you in advance for any help you can give. It is also only at 30% utilization while I play Rust