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    Old Schooler - De-lidder's club.

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    PCs, nitro rc, Cars trucks machines.
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    Im Gen X Capricorn.
    Gots a family, wife kids dog cat ect.
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    Diesel Technician Welder Fabricator.


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    Lid-Less PGA 2700X
  • Motherboard
    Asus B450-I Gaming
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    16GB G.Skill 3600mhz 14-14-14
  • GPU
    RTX 2060
  • Case
    Silverstone TJ07
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    plenty of storage.
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    Antec CP series 850w
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    40" 1080p
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    Stock air
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    Razar tournament edition
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    Surround sound
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    W7 and W10 across 4 operational household rigs
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    None. Desktop PC only. My phone works just as good as laptop but fits in the pocket!

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  1. 1.2v-1.250v for Vccio and Vccia should be ok. Shouldnt need more than that.
  2. Crap I was looking at your Vccio voltage at the top. Is that on auto?
  3. It's free and works well. You'll have to play around with it. It's pretty self explanatory. So instead of going through all the windows fun of trying to park and unpark cores, which requires more than you think, slide the core parking slider. At different percentages, it parks more or less threads. Typically the SMT threads get parked first. Other than that, it's pretty easy to use. Here's a screeny of what it looks like on Intel setup. L@@K, even has memory cleaner!!
  4. A little bit high on the voltage. Try closer to 1.30v manually input.
  5. You got it. You're gonna like this one. QuickCpuSetup_(1).zip
  6. Nope not running hot at all. 95c is throttle point.
  7. It may not have been purposely done that way. It really depends how it retrieves the information and the algorithm AMD uses differs from Intels while that program just may be better optimized for Intel.... as an example. If you guys want an app for on the fly core parking and windows power performance tweaking, just let me know.
  8. Deep Breath, try this in one. AMD = more threads and more power efficient. AMD = Cheaper - price to performance. AMD = sketchy memory controller and memory support (Cheap boards can be blamed too) Much lower average memory frequency. AMD = Self boosted to top clocks. OC head room 50mhz give or take over max turbo (Cooling does play factor on boosting all core) AMD = Seemingly complicated for overclocking. Many tweaks, low yields when manually approached. AMD = Boosted pulling much much more than you'd expect wattage/current Intel = Still 14nm. Squeezed to death and still trying to squeeze more! Still pricier. Intel = Performance to Dollar not horrible when configured with high speed memory Intel = Likes High Speed Memory (4000mhz is no issue) Intel = Lacks the extra threads unless you buy top tier chips. 9700K only 8 threads. (3700X just became very appealing) Intel = Overclocking still there. But Cpus like 9900KS at 5ghz stock starts leaving very little headroom 100-200mhz (Temps matter) Soldered IHS. Intel = Still pulling big wattage and Current. More and more so as they additional core/thread count. Give or take in a nut shell (imo)
  9. It's the very last option on the list...... If you don't have it listed, update the bios.
  10. Hmm, I'd start with a new cmos battery. Can you at least check the voltage of your battery with a multimeter??
  11. Lol, yea its a bit to take in if you dont know a lot about it. Its ok. 90c that cooler would be hot at the base and warm near the top if loaded up heavy. You could try and reseat the cooler. If you do, take note how the paste had spread. Too much? Not enough? Maybe looks like uneven spread or air bubbles? Yea Hwinfo has everything. Its a good application. Hwmonitor is useful for older tech like AMD Phenom chips.