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    Chicago IL
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    Im Gen X Capricorn.
    Gots a family, wife kids dog cat ect.


  • CPU
    Lid-Less PGA 2700X
  • Motherboard
    Asus B450-I Gaming
  • RAM
    16GB G.Skill 3600mhz 14-14-14
  • GPU
    GTX 980 modded bios
  • Case
    Silverstone TJ07
  • Storage
    plenty of storage.
  • PSU
    Antec CP series 850w
  • Display(s)
    40" 1080p
  • Cooling
    Stock air
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    Razar tournament edition
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    Surround sound
  • Operating System
    W7 and W10 across 4 operational household rigs
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    None. Desktop PC only. My phone works just as good as laptop but fits in the pocket!

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  1. ShrimpBrime

    Typing Speed

    50 wpm If I practice enough, usually 40-45 average. Learned on my mom's type writer many years ago. I hated that damn thing.
  2. Hey I'm stopping by later!!! Love the water cooling. Can't wait to see some benches!!
  3. Hi Blake. The board purchase won't get you a higher overclock from that cpu because of temperatures and voltage scaling. You are about where you should be with the overclock on the Cpu as it is. These chips do start getting hot past 1.400v The only thing you can do to drastically lower the cpu temp is to de-lid is and use liquid metal under the IHS plate vs the stock crappy TIM (unless you've already done this) Now the extra power phases will run ultimately cooler, which is a plus. Also any features you didn't have with the 370 A-Pro. In a nut shell, your right in the ball park on the Cpu overclock with ambient cooling.
  4. Set XMP settings, but manually change the memory frequency below 2933, try 2666mhz. Be sure Memory voltage is manually input to 1.35v. If it's still fussy, try 1.400v Set the SOC voltage to 1.1v Set Power Down mode to disable. Set Gear Down mode to disable. Once you get a good post, check stability and increase frequency incrementally. No big jumps.
  5. You won't get much from those sticks. I has a 3000mhz set that won't do 3200mhz stable. Not worth the effort. Want faster speeds, get faster memory.
  6. OK, first and foremost. Specs of what you are actually running. Old sticks part number need not apply. Include neat things like cpu PSU case Mem Video card Ect. Then, open cpu-z take a screen shot of cpu memory and SPD tab. Then, get some help maybe.
  7. Forgotten to reply to this: It's a hardware data base. (with a scoring system....) but never the less, it's about learning and having fun..... and some bragging in forums too. Always worth it.
  8. Search - Type MsConfig and run it. (shows as "system configuration") Go to the Boot tab and select it. Click the advanced tab. Un-tick "maximum memory" If already un-ticked, check it and manually enter 8gb or "8192"mb Apply changes and restart the system.
  9. Yea very strange. The board seems to do this mostly when overclocking memory at high frequency, of course prefer manually setup. Mine was/is running on geothermal water cooling with an 8c water delta, the rest ambient actively cooled. Do 4300mhz CL16-16-16 benching 19s stable, 4000mhz CL-14-14-14 benching 16's stable And I don't typically run and tweak on anything in between. 5.4ghz Benching stable, 5.3ghz daily stable. Vccio/sa no more than 1.20v as mentioned. The Cpu V-core scaling is horrible past 5.3ghz requires 1.5v and more for faster. Even with such low temps under 80c. And not a big gain on most ambient water loops either. Crazy 5.0ghz NP at 1.3600v. (8700K) I have a lot of fun with this rig. Unlike AMD it actually overclocks.
  10. Either that or M.2 shares the PCI-E resources.
  11. Oh I think the usual settings he (we) use are generally no higher or need to be higher than 1.2250v for each. I run usually only 1.20v which is fine. However, we did take notice the boards (range of Maximus) will post the Vccio to 1.40+ volts while set to auto. Question: If the bios on auto pushes 1.40v... is it really too much?, or perhaps the reading is false (doubtful false reading)?
  12. All good. We debate best boards. Which we actually pretty much agree on.... Probably for that particular overclock yes. I bet most people believe 1.4 to 1.5v is "safe" for ambient cooling..... (for daily use, ya sure why not) well it's really more like you're safe up to about 1.8-1.90v (for overclocking and benching purposes, not daily) have had mine only to 1.9v as warned by my team mates not to use 2.0v+ on ambient.
  13. Well its not my overclock. Why dont you ask the man himself, although not being impressive by you personally, I expect no such thing to happen. Hey why did you delete your account at HWBot? Its hard to discover your actual hardware uae and overclocks aside the 2600 in your sig here....
  14. If you actually had read it...... That 4ghz memory at cas12-12-12 and closer to 7ghz cpu frequency. And thats that.
  15. Do take the time and read the entire thread too. I know it may take a few minutes.... But you might learn something if open minded....