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  1. ok thanks I'll look into that
  2. How risky is it to mess with the vbois? And what are the ods of that working?
  3. Yes and it is locked I cant change anything.
  4. Sorry for my english. So I have a laptop Acer Aspire 5 with an i5-8265u and a GeForce MX250. Under heavy load my cpu doesn't thermal throttling it is only power limited, it stays in the 78º degrees. I think it is locked at 15 watts but I see here in the HWiNFO64 that the max it got was 30 watts is there anyway that I can make it use always the 30watts till thermal throttle. And for the Gpu the same thing.
  5. CS:GO is where I notice it the most it used to be like 230-250 fps now is only 130-140. In benchmarks it doesnt happen. I think is the CPU power limit but I dont know how to change it or if I can. When it boosts the consumption goes up to 30W and then goes back to 15W which is the TDP. Can I increase it permanently?
  6. When I first bought the laptop, gpu usage was 98-100% and it runned just fine. But now 1 month later, out of nowhere, it decreased to 40-50% so did the fps. The temps never go further then 80ºC both in the CPU and GPU. When the game starts the CPU boosts to 3,7GHz, and the game runs just fine but 5 min later it locks down in 1,6GHz (base clock), thats when the gpu goes down to 50% usage and the game loses fps. After it locks down it doesnt matter what I do, even closing the game, doing normal things it only boosts again after 30 min, sometimes 1h. Can I do anything to make it stay in turbo? I really dont care about the temps. My PC: Acer Aspire 5 i5-8265U 1,6GHZ - 3,9GHz (turbo) GeForce MX250 2gb 8gb Ram 256gb NVMe SSD <<< Games in here 500gb HDD